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Today is National Lipstick Day!

If you know me, you know I LOVE lipstick. Love it. That is why I am so excited about National Lipstick Day.

I am sharing my most favorite lipsticks with you on this special day. Here are my tried and true lipsticks. What are some of your favorites?

My 5 Always in Rotation Lipstick Colors

My go-to lipstick colors are in constant rotation for me. I wear them all the time and will never be without them. They are:

My Favorite Your Lips But Better Lipstick 

My Favorite Red Lipstick

The perfect red lipstick (at least for me) is called Really Red and is from Jill Kirsh Color. If you aren't familiar with Jill, she is the Hollywood Guru of Hue and her theory behind the best colors for each person is different from the old school "Pick based on your undertones" or "What is your season?" -- I was once a skeptic, but Jill Kirsh's idea of choosing color based on your current HAIRCOLOR is right on the money. When I first met Jill (via the phone) and was introduced to this color, it was based on my color of a dark brown. I am letting my grays poke through and with the salt and pepper, this is still my color. Find YOUR perfect red over on Jill's website