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My Favorite Refreshing Tea Spritzers

Do you like tea as much as I do? I am sharing a couple of my favorite Refreshing Tea Spritzer recipes with you. There is nothing more delightful on a hot and humid day!

I drink a lot of water. I don't drink soda, other than to pour over ice cream for a root beer float about once a year. I quit drinking coffee cold turkey last Thursday, which meant no more iced coffee for me. No worries! I am enjoying two other of my favorite drinks -- tea and sparkling water -- in spritzer form.

You only really need two ingredients, but I do like to add frozen fruit sometimes or a garnish with fresh herbs.

Let's Make Tea Spritzers!

As you know, I am a long time fan of Tealightful, a Rochester-based loose leaf tea company owned by my dear friend, Charlene Phillips. Her tea is of the highest quality, is expertly blended, and is just exquisite. I am also a proud brand ambassador, so if you make a purchase with my referral link, I do earn a commission.

The "beer fridge" in the garage has a shelf stocked with my favorite sparkling waters, so I use these in my tea spritzers.

Refreshing Peach Spritzer

Tealightful Green Rooibos Peach
AHA Peach + Honey Sparkling Water
Wegmans Organic Frozen Sliced Peaches

This is so easy and great on a hot day! First, I made iced loose leaf tea in my Primula Press & Go, let it steep, and poured a mason jar half way. Then, I filled the rest with sparkling water and added a couple of frozen peaches.

I have made this garnished with both basil and mint leaves as well. The possibilities with tea and sparkling water are endless! Do you have any favorite flavors? Let me share some of my other favorite combinations.

My Other Favorite Tea Spritzer Recipes

As I type, I am currently sipping a Raspberry Spritzer! This one is a blend of Tealightful Raspberry Vanilla Sorbet + LaCroix Black Razzberry + frozen mixed berries.

Peppermint + Cucumber Spritzer

I also like this with Tealightful Peppermint tea and Good & Gather Cucumber Mint Sparkling Water. Instead of peaches, I add cucumber slices. So refreshing!

Coconut Almond Spritzer (Plus a dessert version!)

Tealightful Coconut Almond Truffle + LaCroix Coconut is delish! Go crazy and add in some chocolate syrup. Stir it a bit and then grab a bit of Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend. Shake the oat drink and add a smidge to the top of your spritzer. It will be super frothy. Feeling extra crazy? I can't have gluten anymore, but if you have leftover Girl Scout cookies (Who am I kidding? Leftover Girl Scout cookies aren't a real thing!), garnish with a Caramel deLite/Samoa. 

Lemon Ginger Spritzer

Another recommendation? Try Tealightful Lemon Ginger Green combined with Wegmans Ginger Sparkling Water. This is good with a drizzle of honey and garnish of lemon rind.

Watermelon Lime Spritzer

Here is another SUPER summery spritzer! This is a blend of Tealightful Fresh Watermelon Oolong and AHA Lime + Watermelon Sparkling Water. Drink as is or garnish with lime slices.

The possibilities are endless.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating refreshing summer tea spritzers! I'd love to hear your favorite combinations. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make these. Enjoy!

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