Haus of Gloi Review

I recently had the chance to try out several bath, body & fragrance items from an indie brand called Haus of Gloi. I have tried so many small brands over the years, but still hadn't tried this artisan-crafted line of vegan products.

Haus of Gloi was established in 2009 and has garnered quite a following. I truly have been missing out by not trying out the products sooner.

These products are fabulous.

The stand-out product to me is the Pumpkin Butter. With its luxurious creamy decadence, this body butter is simply divine. There is no other way to put it. Among the ingredients: pumpkin seed oil, shea butter, and pumpkin seed extract. I don't know about you, but with the cold winter temperatures, heat running around the clock and a fire burning in the fireplace, my skin can really take a beating this time of year. There is nothing like stepping out of a warm shower or bath and massaging this into the skin. It sinks in, but feels so hydrating and protective. I apply this at night and in the morning, my skin is still feeling so soft and smooth.

As the mom of two teenage boys, I also REALLY appreciate the Room & Linen Spray. If you have teenagers, you are aware of that funky smell. Sometimes I go upstairs and when I enter their rooms, it is like a mix of Cheetos, socks, and dirt. There really isn't another way to describe it. I don't like products like Febreeze or the mass-produced air fresheners that make me sneeze and just smell like a bunch of artificial junk. I also don't burn tarts in their rooms. I love this spray because it just smells heavenly without being "chemical-y."

Let's talk about suds for a moment, why don't we? I am a handmade soap snob. I love a REALLY good bar of soap and there are only three brands I will use. I am now adding a fourth to the list. I am currently using the Winter Divinity bar of soap from Haus of Gloi. It generates a creamy lather without leaving an unpleasant film on the skin. Skin feels clean and nourished without being left parched. This is the perfect wintertime scent, too. Winter Divinity is a blend of vanilla and peppermint.

I also was pleasantly surprised by the Soft Bubbling Scrub. I say this because I am not typically a fan of foaming scrubs and prefer a traditional salt or sugar exfoliant. This one is quite lovely. It is light and airy to the touch and then you can feel the sugar granules. The product is very gentle, yet it still effectively lifts away dead skin cells. Another winning product from this brand!

Just Peachy!

I also have to tell you about the Bourbon Peach Cake Perfume Oil. I am swooning over this one! It smells of fresh juicy peaches wrapped in what reminds me of a brown sugar-topped coffee cake. It is simply divine.

If you have a someone in your life who loves handcrafted bath & body products, head right over to Haus of Gloi and order without hesitation.

*Disclosure: I received complimentary products from this brand for review purposes. As always, my opinions are honest -- good or bad.


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