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Transformation Tuesday: My Progress on Weight Watchers Freestyle

I am down 20 pounds since I started Weight Watchers.

Until recently, I had been too self conscious to do before and after type weight loss photos. I guess I had been SO disappointed in putting so many pounds back on. Anyway, as of my weigh-in Friday, I am down 20 pounds on the Freestyle plan, an average of 1.8 pounds a week.

I was looking back at my photos from a couple months back and found this picture from January 27 when I was a guest bartender at the Briarwood Triangle Neighborhood Association Tap Takeover at I-Square. I know there has been a steady weight loss and I know I have now dropped two jean sizes but until I actually compared photos, I guess it just has seemed turtle slow progress to me. Take the photos. Be proud of your progress, whether they be in the dropping of pounds or smaller, non scale victories along the way.

I am half way to goal and honestly have never felt better. I have made many other changes since starting Weight Watchers. You see that before picture up there on the left? That was the last time I had my once beloved craft beer. I am, as of today, 73 days alcohol-free. That will be a whole other post in itself when I talk about the impact that going alcohol free has had on my skin.

Anyway, just wanted to share a little up date. Life changes can seem daunting, but once you start making them, you may just find that you never want to look back. This is just the beginning. This is more than being down twenty pounds. I can't wait to see what happens next.