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Revisiting a favorite book: The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

You could say I am a busy woman, like so many women are. I'm a wife and a mom. I write content and copy for beauty brands, manage multiple social media accounts,  and pen the occasional skincare article for magazines. I am busy with school functions, with family, and friends. You likely can relate.

In my "down time" such that it is, I create. Whether it is tinkering with new recipes, writing, planting flowers (should nice weather ever show up) or making jewelry --I am almost always doing something that utilizes my creativity.

Nine years ago, I was part of a blogging book club. It was so much fun and involved a great deal of self-reflection, something I believe we all need. I read a wonderfully inspiring book called the 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: A Portable Mentor by Gail McMeekin. I found the experience to be quite profound. Not long ago, I stumbled upon the book and decided to re-read it, completing the various prompts.

The book is described by McMeekin as "a guidebook meant to be read and reread over time, as you and your creative challenges change and blossom... the lessons you learn from the myriad of exercises called Challenges will encourage you to soar to new creative heights and joy..."

Honestly, this came back into my life at a perfect time. I really think there is a reason I stumbled upon it in a box from our move 2 years ago.

Feel free to grab the book online, download it, or borrow it from your local library if you would like to join me.

The first challenge in this book is the one I am reflecting on today: Acknowledge your creative self.

I am creative. We have covered that. I own it and acknowledge it, but just what does this all mean to me?

I am going to tell you what creativity means to me.

Being creative is part of my being.

I have been a creative soul since I can remember. I am not one who sees life in black and white. I am not a logical thinker. I am extremely intuitive and introverted, and I cherish the time I have to myself expressing my authentic self--the one who is so multifaceted and has so many ideas running through her brain at once--all in vivid color. 

When I picture the inner workings of my brain, I picture a bunch of sticky notes all with different ideas jotted down in various colors. I'm one of those people who will stay awake into the wee hours with my mind racing and thinking of ideas for a new jewelry piece, for a new recipe, a new blurb to use as ad copy for lip gloss, etc. That is just how my mind functions.

There's really no organization to my thought process. It's kind of like the junk drawer. 

We all have a junk drawer, don't we? It's the drawer full of receipts, $3 in change, a safety pin, pens, a Matchbox car, rubber bands, and a lone M&M... This is the equivalent of my thought process a vast majority of the time. It sometimes drives Tom crazy. My hubby's thought process is the equivalent of that super neat and tidy desk drawer where you everything has its proper place. Creativity obviously is why I loved working as a makeup artist so much. I had a chance to do "art projects" every single day and that truly made me happy--seeing beauty in its raw form and the ability to take a brush and some colors and create so many different looks.

I view my life as a piece of art in progress--a mural I began to paint as a child that will continue to be painted with new colors and with added dimension as my life unfolds. I guess I see all of our lives as a giant canvas and each of us as artists with a giant palette of paints. This world contains palettes of beautiful colors with so much potential to create the most brilliant masterpiece. Reality, however, is that not all of humankind sees the end masterpiece the same. Paints spill and get muddy and mixed into a blotchy mess that cannot always be erased.

Acknowledging my creative self is something I just do. If I did not allow myself to be creative (or artsy and a little "flighty" as some may see it), I would not be true to myself. It makes me content. This makes those around me content. Through blogging, whipping up new recipes, through goofing around with my boys--these are ways I stay true to my self and feel free to be creative -- to be me.

How do you embrace your creativity?