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Macadamia Professional Review: Is this the best hair care out there?

I have tried so many hair care brands. I have used everything from drugstore brands to high end. I have some brands I really have enjoyed and used consistently over the years, from salon brands like Aveda and Bumble and bumble to indie brands like Original Moxie, R & Co.. and Evolvh. I have used - and loved - even some drugstore brands (Maui Moisture and Carol's Daughter at Target are my two faves in the price point). And then I had a haircare nightmare from a MLM brand. That could be a whole separate post, but it will wait for another day. I have many friends who sell the brand, so I want to approach it tactfully. But, ladies (and gents) -- do yourself a favor and Google "hair loss" and the Monat before you sign up for what could be a hair care nightmare.

My MLM Hair Care Disaster

I color my hair every few weeks. It is naturally a dirty blonde that is probably now 20% gray. I color is to a medium chocolate brown. I had tried this MLM brand before. The first time, I was given the entire moisturizing system a few years back to review. I hated it. A local consultant gave me sample packets of the volumizing line, which I enjoyed. It was a few day supply. I then was sent full sizes of another new system to review and that is when the hair around my forehead started to fall out. As in -- a big clump gone.

The rep explained that is was not my hair being lost, but "NEW GROWTH." No. I have been in the beauty industry more than half my life and I know it was not new growth. Then I was told that it was my scalp "detoxing." Honestly, that is another load of BS. I stopped using this brand and my hair stopped coming out. Thank God I have very thick hair naturally or this could have been a complete disaster. I did end up having to get almost 2 inches cut off the ends because they were splitting. Ironically, I was told I could spend almost $100 on another "miracle" product - this time a blend of oils - to repair the problem. No, thank you. Never again.

Macadamia Professional to the rescue!

Around this time, I was send several products from Macadamia Professional. Ladies (and gents), you have to try these products! I am using the shampoo, conditioner, a leave in treatment, and a thermal protectant that I spritz on prior to blow drying and flat ironing. I am in love with all of the products and they are top-notch.

Within one week, I saw a major turnaround in my hair. The texture has greatly improved. It is shinier, healthier, and it is growing in again where it was lost. Here is what I am using:

Nourishing Moisture Shampoo - This has a gentle lather and makes my hair feel very clean, but moisturized. It contains Argan, Macadamia, Hazelnut, and Avocado Oils, as well as collagen and multiple vitamins to provide antioxidant protection. My ONLY criticism is that there is a bit of fragrance. It does not linger, however. I still say this one deserves 5 stars. *****

Nourishing Moisture Conditioner - I am in love with this conditioner. It is intensive in terms of providing repair & moisture, but does NOT weigh hair down at all. It is perfection -- and it leaves my hair so shiny and manageable! 5 stars *****

Nourishing Moisture Leave-In Protein Treatment - This has SAVED my hair from the damage and helped bring it back to life. I use this three times a week and I can see -- and feel -- how it has been working its magic. The ingredients are stellar, from Macadamia and Argan Oils to African Baobab Extract and Panthenol. 5 stars *****

Thermal Spray Protectant - This is described as "feather light" and that it is. It is weightless in my hair, yet I can see the difference in how my hair reacts to my heat styling tools with it, as this gives an extra layer of protection. My favorite part? NO FRIZZ! 5 stars *****

The Chic & Green Bottom Line

Macadamia Professional may just be my favorite hair care line overall in all my years of blogging and reviewing products. I have had this blog nearly 12 years and been in the beauty industry 23+ years. These products are EXCEPTIONAL and I emphatically give each one I tried five stars.