My Thoughts on Weight Watchers Freestyle

I joined Weight Watchers Freestyle Friday night & started on Saturday, January 13.
I love food. I love to cook big dinners for friends & family. I love to bake. I love it when there are a bunch of active tweens and teens in the house and I make batches of cookies and make them hot cocoa with extra whipped cream. I love carbs & sweets and I love my craft beer. And cheese. And Little Debbie brownies... And fries with gravy.

Do you know what I also love? I love FEELING comfortable in my own skin, feeling energetic, healthy & vibrant. 

I lost a lot of weight a few years back. A lot. As in well over 50 pounds. It was through exercise and a REALLY low carb diet.

And I have gained half of that weight back over the past 18 months or so. It seems like the minute I look at a carb, it comes back.

Vacations, holidays - if I eat yummy foods, it creeps right back no matter my time on the elliptical or miles logged. The yo yo has to stop.

WW Freestyle is unlike any “diet” I have followed. Trust me, I have followed many. For as long as I can remember, I have had a very unhealthy relationship with food & an unhealthy body image.

Let’s talk about Weight Watchers. It is NOT like the WW I once tried post-partum that was time consuming to track and count with required meetings and that left me feeling deprived. 

After one day on WW Freestyle, I knew that this was a life changer. Truly. I thought The commercials with Oprah were a gimmick. I mean bread? Corn? All of my most favorite fruits? Dessert? 
I have eaten more since Saturday that I enjoy than I have in a long time. I had angel food cake. I can eat bread. I have been eating so well and have not felt hungry once. Not once. 

I have had points leftover (which roll over and can be used to splurge more, for example, at a restaurant or night out or for my craft beer on a Friday night).

This was my breakfast- it is 1 point. I have a cup of nonfat plain Greek yogurt, a Granny Smith Apple, and a quarter cup of Cinnamon Pecan Special K - it is delish. I had a poached egg too. Eggs are zero points. So is chicken. 200 foods are zero points. This is freakin’ awesome:

This is not about my 3.4 pound loss since Saturday AM. It is not about a fad or a diet. This is about feeling hopeful. About KNOWING this time is different. This is for ME. Oh, and I am doing the online program. It is easy peasy with the app and if it were NOT simple, I wouldn’t do this.

I will be blogging about this journey. My goal is to lose 40 pounds. That will bring me to what I weighed before I got married. If you are hesitant about WW, go for it. I am sleeping better and just feeling better. And this is just my 4th day. Life changer right here. I feel it with all of my soul.

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