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Who says you can't go home again?

Chic & Green is back! It is such a joy to say that.

In early 2015, I changed the name of the blog I founded in 2007 as Chic & Green to The Beauty Blogger and then The Beauty Writer.

10 and a half years ago, C & G launched. In addition to daily skincare & makeup talk, I featured local businesses and artisan-crafted goods a couple days a week.

Once I took my beauty writing pretty much full-time (thanks, in part, to this blog), I stopped having time to blog each week, much less each day as I had been.

Being a writer is fun. Seeing your work in print gives you a sense of pride.

And it always brought me joy — until it became my J-O-B. When you write for publications, you don’t always get to talk about the products you love, especially if they are not shelling out the big $ to advertise. There’s lots of “Recommend anything you’d like, but remember to include brand X and brand Y.”

Here's a little sample of what I have been up to -

That takes away from the authenticity blogging gives. Is it really genuine when you need to “love” a product because it has an ad on page 32?

December 9th was my dad’s birthday. He would have been 69, had pancreatic cancer not taken his life almost 13 years ago. Dad loved his job. He LOVED going into the newsroom each day. He went in on his off days and holidays. You wouldn’t see him much at election time. He ate, breathed &
slept journalism. I am reminded now more than ever of his words to me years ago that I ALWAYS do what I love.

Today, I submitted my last batch of articles and I am hanging up my magazine writing hat and return to only doing things that bring me joy.

I do blogging and social media for two brands I love (Seed Body Care and Tealightful) & will still do that.

I also have been busy creating at Karley Mott Jewelry- which will be appearing in more boutiques in 2018 - and I am home again here at Chic & Green. It is funny how changing the name of a blog can make it seem like a stranger. Maybe it's weird. Maybe not. I am just thankful. Thankful for my life, for opportunities I have had, and for readers like you.

💕   Oh, how I’ve missed sharing non-beauty topics too. Always follow your heart. Don’t do stuff you’re not passionate about! Here's to another TEN years!