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An Open Letter to the Person Who Bought My Old Domain Name

An open letter to the person who bought my expired domain name and is now using my credentials and posting as "Karley" --

I started blogging ten years ago. Ten. It started as a middle of the night hobby for me when my boys were just 2 and not quite 4. I was tired, overwhelmed, and was carrying with me an enormous amount of sadness over the loss of my dad. He died of pancreatic cancer at age 56 when I was pregnant with my Ben. It was a really hard time.

I was depressed, having panic attacks, and felt as though I was losing my sense of me, of my identity. Do not get me wrong. There were many extraordinarily amazing days! Being a mom was a true joy and there was much laughter. Still, there was something missing in my life - a missing puzzle piece, I suppose. I missed being in the beauty industry. I LOVED talking with people about skincare and ingredients and the newest foundation shades and developments, but I wanted to stay home with my babies. My dad always told me I should write a book about my days as a makeup artist because it was something I truly loved. I loved writing. I loved the beauty industry. So, one sleepless night, I sat down in front of my old Dell desktop and started a free blog on Blogger. That choice allowed sunshine into the darkness.

I had no idea what to call it. The free address was I eventually would call the blog Chic and Green and purchase the domain name I was passionate about natural and ecofriendly beauty and skincare -- and enjoyed talking about local businesses and style, so the name fit. I also home daily with two little ones and I wrote sometimes two or three posts a DAY. The "daily" in the web address was fitting.

During this time, my little nighttime hobby really took off. It was about a year into it that I realized I was getting a really loyal following. If I missed a day or two of posting, people would email and ask why. Companies started reaching out and asking if they could send me products to review. I was blown away -- little old me, a tired mama behind the keyboard, was being offered free products to review. I thought that was pretty cool.

Eventually, I would start being contacted by editors of major publications, including USA TODAY, asking if I would be interested in contributing beauty articles for upcoming issues. Companies I write about offered to have me come to their various headquarters, meeting for lunch, offering me not-yet-released products. And I met some amazing people along the way. Some small business owners have become my friends, valued people in my life and people I have done social media and blogging for. My blog gave me my career. I do what I love and I am damn good at it. I've been writing magazine articles regularly now for 6 years and writing for brands for even longer.

In March 2015, I changed the name of my blog to The Beauty Blogger. I was focused solely on beauty and nothing else. Because I had become so busy with my writing and consulting gigs, I no longer had time to blog daily, and I was no longer writing about green beauty -- I switched to covering mainstream beauty. I bought the domain name and it went live March 1, 2015, still the same content here of YEARS -- the posts dated back to the start and the address was (and is) still hosted here on Blogger.

I stopped regularly blogging - not daily or weekly, but my posts had become more infrequent as my magazine articles and copywriting assignments grew more frequent. I was also homeschooling my son who has high functioning autism, so my free time to blog was getting quite limited. I had a writing website and I had my blog, so I thought I would save time and roll them into one. I bought the domain name because that is most accurate. I am not just a blogger. My
profession is beauty writing. I wanted one website where I could keep my blog and my beauty writing info together. So I have my ten years of content here. It is still hosted here on Blogger and my content is all still here going all the way back to 2007.

I like to believe I am savvy about most things on the net. I am not that savvy about everything. I didn't think about what might happen to my old domain name. I knew someone else could buy it. I get that. In hindsight, I should have just kept it and had it point here. Or paid for it and not used it at all. I had no idea what would happen next. Nothing bad happened when I stopped using after 7 years.

The other night, I typed in after someone mentioned seeing something in passing on my blog about a product I know I never tried. I thought the person was mistaken when she said she saw it on the website she had long ago bookmarked for my blog.

I was shocked by what I saw.

1. The person who bought domain name is still calling it The Beauty Blogger. Not really surprising, however, the person is posting AS KARLEY and the person has copied and pasted a great deal of content from my blog, including my About, Hire Me, As Seen In, and Collaborate page.

2. The person who bought domain name claims to have started the blog in 2007 as Chic & Green, later changing the name to The Beauty Blogger. The person mentions all of MY professional experience and then goes on to say, "My name is Katy and I started this blog in 2007."
No. I am sorry, but I will not let this person do this. No, Katy did not start Chic & Green in 2007. I did. Karley. Not Katy.

3. This person also shares all of her accomplishments, posting MY photos of my blog awards, newspaper mentions, and names of magazines she is published in. NO. NO. NO. The person isn't that bright, as she has posted newspaper photos from mentions in my local papers for my jewelry business back in 2010 and from being featured in a Martha Stewart magazine. These mentions have MY NAME from MY HARD WORK and I am absolutely, positively pissed off.

4. I mentioned earlier that my job is as a freelance writer for magazines, blogging for beauty and skincare brands, and doing copywriting. I have worked my ass off. This is my passion. It is my livelihood. I am not about to allow someone to just buy up my old domain name (which is fine) and then USE MY CONTENT FROM MY WEBSITE, MY EXPERIENCE, MY PHOTOS, MY RESUME, MY ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

5. I have been in contact with the domain registrar, Go Daddy, and with site host, Site Ground. The matter is being investigated. A cease and desist letter is on its way to Brights Grove, Ontario, Canada. That is where this person is located. You see, it's been lots of detective work. The person who bought the domain used a fake name (the last name of Dicks may have been a clue) and an address that turns out to be just a lot, not a building of any kind. The phone number used to sign up was fake, too. More investigating reveals that a man named Jonathan in Ontario, Canada (I have his full name and address) is the person who purchased Again, I DO NOT CARE that he bought my expired domain name! It happens all the time. What does NOT happen it someone then pretending to be you. Or taking YOUR professional history. Or any of the other fraudulent, creepy activity that has been going on.

6. I think something else that bothers me immensely is that the person posting as me is writing things I would never write-- giving glowing reviews to products I personally do not like at all -- using words I would never use, etc. I wouldn't give a big thumbs up to Rodan & Fields, Nars or Tom Ford, nor would I incorrectly refer to the brand Drunk Elephant as "Drunk Elephants". This could be damaging to my career and if this doesn't END now, I will have to take legal action.

Here are screenshots taken today from

The person is posting as "Karley" here -- and is a really shitty writer, by the way.

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This is MY professional background. This is MY About page-- I am the one who started Chic & Green in 2007. And it says "My name is Katy" then proceeds to be some sort of SEO-written promo for skincare.

Holy moly! What a conicidence! The person at also has had her writing published in the same outlets as me! And she founded Chic & Green in July 2007 AND changed it to The Beauty Blogger, too? UNCANNY.

The Bottom Line

I demand that the owner of remove ALL of my photos. I demand that you stop posting as Karley. I demand that stop claiming to be the person who started the blog in 2007. What you are doing is wrong, most likely is illegal, and most definitely has multiple copyright violations, now over international lines.

On my agenda for the past couple weeks was to be posts on Korean skincare, a fantabulous review of Cire d'Abeille Skin Care, Indie Goat Soap, and the beginning of a month of celebratory giveaways in honor of 10 years blogging here. So bittersweet, as you know I wear my heart on my sleeve and am a pretty emotional girl. I try to be a nice human being. I believe in second chances, but I do not believe in taking from others, which is what this person is doing. It's violating and it needs to stop.

I will be back this week with regularly scheduled posts. And with updates. Thank you for listening -- and for reading my content. Whether you have been a reader of mine for 10 days, 10 months or 10 years -- Well, I absolutely appreciate you.