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LipSense Review

You all have heard about LipSense from SeneGence, haven't you? Chances are, this ULTRA LONG WEARING, vegan, cruelty-free lip color has popped up on your Facebook or Instagram feed.

I have seen all the posts -- they are more numerous than those lash posts from Younique a few years back. Unlike Younique, though, the quality of LipSense is decent.

I am going to be honest. I wasn't a fan at first. My lips BURNED and were crying out for the LipSense Oops Remover after the first few applications. I just needed it off my lips!

I waited a few days, tried again, and was happier. It no longer burns. It does sting when I initially apply the color. Then that sting goes away after I apply the gloss. The feeling is similar to applying a lip plumping gloss (like Too Faced, for example). I have mixed feelings. It's a love-hate relationship with this one. 

I always tell it like it is, though, so here goes.

Color Shown: Purple Reign


1. This lasts, on me, 6 to 8 hours without reapplying. I can eat, drink, wipe my mouth, kiss the dog (and even my hubby) without it coming off.

2. The color selection is fabulous! 

3. My consultant, Katie Rich, is a true gem. You will not find better customer service. She knows the products inside out, is kind, helpful, and someone you just will enjoy doing business with!

4. I love that you can change things up by applying a different finish of lip gloss top coat, so you can have matte lips one day, glossy the next (and many other options available).

5. I would DEFINITELY keep these in my arsenal if I were still doing bridal makeup regularly. These would be great for the whole wedding party.


1. I do not like the tacky feeling on my lips, even hours after applying.

2. I am often sensitive to artificial fragrance and this one is strong on my lips.

3. The Alcohol Denat in LipSense is VERY drying to my lips when I wear this multiple days in a row. I have seen memes floating around Facebook erroneously stating that this is required by the FDA in all lip products. I have no idea who started that rumor, because it is untrue.

The Beauty Writer's Bottom Line:

This is a great product despite the cons I mentioned, as it is the most long-wearing lip color on the market. It'll be a night out staple for sure. I will stick with my normal favorites for regular daily wear because I don't like stickiness and actually don't mind an occasional touch up of my favorite colors. I WILL get more LipSense colors and am already eyeing a rich berry hue called Lexie Berry.

*I received this lip set free for review. All opinions are my own.