Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

It's Not Easy Being Green (Oh, but it is!)

It's not easy being green... Actually, it was easy to put this beauty collage together for St. Patrick's Day today! ðŸ€

The Best Peel Ever!

Aloette Pure Enzyme Peel Girls, this is the most fan-freakintastic facial enzyme peel on God's green earth. Click here if you want to try it and I'll hook you up!

You need this in your life. Aloe vera is the #1 ingredient to calm and soothe, plus there is papain, a fruit enzyme to slough off dead skin cells. You will also find
hyaluronic acid, cucumber fruit, lemon to brighten and lighten age spots without harsh chemicals, as well as pineapple. Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. This helps reveal a natural luminosity and glow. There is NO better peel, no better aloe face product out there. 

Restore pH with Seed

Next, we have Seed Body Care Lemon Balm toner. I have talked about this one before. Soothing, calms hypersensitive skin, cools, balances pH🍃

Bargain Skincare 

Who doesn't love a bargain?💲 Now, I know you are going to be skeptical about this. Just trust me, my friends. Let me preface this by saying, the scent is strong. Ugh. Thankfully, it isn't floral and it dissipates quickly. Do yourself a favor: RUN, don't walk, to ALDI and find this on an endcap by maxi pads and the acetaminophen. 

One of the best kept secrets in all of the beauty industry is Lacura skincare, which is like a mix of the old Orlane and LaPrairie high end brands. Lacura is under FOUR BUCKS, but the products are quite lovely! The last time I ran into Aldi to grab some berries, I noticed the Q10 Day Cream for $3.99. What is in this paraben-free, American made, cruelty free moisturizer? There is antioxidant Coenzyme Q10, bioflavonoids, aloe, panthenol, soy, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, papaya, jojoba and elderberry. You will love how lightweight, yet rich, this feels!