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The Beauty Blogger's Tips for Younger, Glowing Skin

Stop the clock! Aging is a fact of life. Looking older, however, doesn’t have to be something you just sit back and accept.

I’m here with 8 simple tips on how to slow down the signs of aging. Try them--you’ll thank me later! 

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1. Use sunscreen every single day. 

An effective sunscreen is your best friend when it comes to looking younger. The most common signs of aging are from sun damage--brown spots, uneven texture and tone, noticeable fine lines, and wrinkles. Sunscreen is your very best preventive measure when it comes to looking younger. 

My top paraben-free facial sunscreen right now is from Exuviance. Their Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 is water-light, offers broad spectrum protection and is non-sticky. It can be so difficult finding a facial sunscreen, but this works well under makeup and can be used even on very oily skin.
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 2. Look for retinol night creams.

Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative, is proven to help target fine lines, crow’s feet, brown spots, sun damage, and uneven texture. With so many “miracle” ingredients on the market, retinol is one that has been recommended by dermatologists and estheticians for years.  It has been proven to be effective in multiple scientific studies. It does make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so be sure you only use it at night. 

My top pick-->My favorite over the counter facial retinol product is Paula's Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment, which combines a high concentration of retinol with peptides to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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 3. Get the glow! 

Having radiant skin makes you the picture of good health and it brightens your entire complexion. Brighter skin will help you look younger.  When it comes to makeup, search for powders with “radiant” or “luminous” in the name and they will set your makeup while leaving a soft focus, youthful glow. Highlighters, applied with a brush to the middle of your nose & above the cheekbones will also add a luminous glow.

My top pick--> My favorite products to give your skin a glow are the highlighters from Colour Pop, which are really affordable and of great quality. 

4. Whiten your teeth. 

 A clean, white smile instantly takes yours off your face and can help brighten your eyes and complexion. Even though you brush and floss and take good care of your teeth, they naturally become more yellow by consuming drinks like coffee, tea, or red wine. There are many home kits to easily whiten your teeth in as little as two hours that work as well as expensive bleaching procedures at the dentist. Teeth whitening is an important step in your overall beauty routine and it can take years off of your face.

My top pick--> My fave is actually a Target Up & Up brand product. Their Luminous White 7 Day Whitening Wraps are great! I use them twice a year to help reverse my daily tea, coffee, and occasion red wine drinking. My teeth aren't white a la Ross on Friends, but they get much whiter after using.

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 5. Try an at-home peel. 

There are many facial peel products available for home use, from glycolic and mandelic acid to fruit acids. Perhaps the most popular option is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid has been researched for many years and we know that it works on the upper layer of the epidermis. Not only does this ingredient help reverse sun damage, but it reduces other signs of aging such as fine lines and age spots. 

As a gentler, still effective option to glycolic peel pads, I advise using exfoliating pads with fruit enzymes. Don't think that they won't work just because they use natural ingredients -- fruit enzymes can work as well as their more irritating counterparts. A good peel pad will help lift off dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of large pores, improve texture and clarity, and give a radiant glow.

My top pick --> You have to try the Countertime Enlightening Treatment Pads from Beautycounter.  Sugar cane extract, apple, lemon and orange all brighten the skin naturally. The ingredients are absolutely stellar, too! 

6. Embrace antioxidants. 

I often refer to antioxidants as skincare super heroes. They help shield your skin from the harmful free radicals that are swirling around you. Free radicals come from environmental pollution, cigarette smoke, UV rays, and more. All of these have a negative impact on your skin and actually speed up the aging process. Antioxidants in skin care products include Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, resveratrol, and green tea extract. Look for these ingredients when you are shopping for moisturizer to help reverse some of the signs of aging.

My top pick--> This one is an oldie but goodie: Estee Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi-protection Anti-Oxidant Creme. When this product launched in the 90's, I was working as a Counter Manager for Estee Lauder. The whole concept of antioxidants was new to me. The product has stood the test of time and it was one I have recommended for years after leaving the company.

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 7. Apply eye cream twice daily. 

Yes, you do need an eye cream! Some people believe that all you need is your regular facial cream under the eyes. This is false. The skin under the eyes is thinner than an eggshell. It requires extra care. Think about it--does your under eye area experience the same troubles as your cheeks or forehead?  No. The skin is different. Think of smiling, squinting, and all of the other expressions by the eyes. That is one reason the first signs of aging appear near the eyes. You do need an eye cream.

My top pick--> Beautycounter Vibrant Eye Perfector with Marine Extracts is my favorite eye cream. The ingredients are top-notch and effective. In addition to caffeine and Vitamin C, you will find raspberry, cranberry, grape seed, apricot, and chlorella (marine extract). This lightweight eye treatment contains anti-aging peptides, soothing calendula, and nourishing camellia. You will see that I am mentioning Beautycounter again. Please note that I am not a consultant, but a VERY happy fan. If you have any questions about Beautycounter, Donna Casali is the one to ask. 

8. Stay hydrated. 

“Are you drinking enough water?” 

We’ve all heard this question from our mothers, but mom was right! You do need to drink more water. Drinking water is quick, it is easily available, and it costs nothing. Unfortunately, it is one of the most underutilized skin care tips to look younger. When you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day, your skin looks more hydrated, supple, and younger.

Following these eight tips won’t erase 20 years from your face. Being consistent with the above will help prevent future signs of aging, though!