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Seed Custom Blends Body Wash Review

I really appreciate it when I have a chance to have something created JUST for me. There was the time when I had a beautiful black mod winter coat made especially for me, exactly customized for my measurements and then mailed a week later from eShakti, and then my exquisite custom blended foundation from Prescriptives, where I was able to have the perfect formula blended for me after a webcam conversation. Those experiences were delightful and made me feel pampered.

Body care is personal. It uses all of your senses. You might have something that is the perfect scent and amount of lather, but not like how it makes your skin feel after showering. Or, you might have the perfect consistency, but not enjoy the fragrance.

The brand new Custom Blends line from (seed) Body Care is revolutionizing the way we choose skincare. You can have a Lip Oil, Body Oil or Body Wash made especially for you, choosing up to three essential oils, giving you the possibility of over 1000 blend combinations.

I went on the (seed) website and selected a new Body Wash. I decided to choose Orange, Lemon  and Rosemary Essential Oils in my custom product. I had so much fun choosing my blend. There are just so many options, and I just went with my mood at the time when making my selections.

A few short days later, my customized product arrived.

I confess-- I am in love with my new Custom Blend Body Wash from (seed) Body Care! This is the BEST natural body wash ever. If you have ever tried a sulfate free body wash before, you know that it can be really hard to find one that (A) doesn't feel greasy or slimy and (B) that actually lathers.

Logically, I know that you do NOT need a lather! Lather typically comes from sulfates and have nothing to do with how clean your skin is actually getting. Yet, I still enjoy a bit of a lather. It's just a psychological thing, I suppose. The body wash from (seed) has a light and creamy lather without sulfates. It soothes and hydrates my skin without leaving an unpleasant film.

It smells cheerful and uplifting without  artificial fragrance and contains no gluten, parabens, phthalates, soy or dairy. Vegan & cruelty free too! You knocked this out of the park, (seed)!

I love that I can leave this in my shower for my boys to use without worrying about the ingredients. You see, I am that mom who makes sure the kids are using the best, most wholesome and natural (YET PROPERLY PRESERVED-- this one features an Ecocert  preservative) products because I worry about their health more than I do my own. I am anal when it comes to the products I use on them. Plus, Nick has very sensitive dry skin with occasional Eczema and Ben has dry skin with a small patch of Keratosis Pilaris. I know that (seed) is so gentle and effective. This is a product the whole family can enjoy with good for you ingredients that FEEL amazing and SMELL lovely!

Are you unsure which oils to pick? You have to take this super fun & quick personality quiz from (seed) that tells you your ideal oil. My quiz revealed that my ideal oil is Palmarosa. How about you?