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Chic and -- Not so green?

I have been blogging here at Chic & Green for nearly 8 years. My boys were in diapers. Now they are 9 and 11. I was going green and beginning to research the impact of skin care and cosmetics ingredients on our health.

In this almost 8 year journey, a significant amount of my time has been spent on research, interviews, and reading studies about the links between health and products. Weeding through the hype, the possible connections, the contrasts between articles based on speculation versus peer-reviewed studies, etc.  has been very enlightening. And, to be honest, I used to fall for the fear mongering and the scare tactics and the "what ifs" more than scientific data. Maybe because I am a worrier, an emotional person, and a very cautious person, I have actually "come around" on many ingredients and prroducts over the years.

My blog has been called Chic & Green for almost 8 years because the emphasis has been GREEN beauty and being chic. I have built a very solid reputation on being a top tier green beauty blogger. I have made lasting connections and friendships because of this blog.

What if, though, my opinions on certain ingredients have changed? What if I do not believe passionately anymore about it being Natural vs. Synthetic, no exceptions? What happens is this -- I have ALWAYS believed in being myself, owning my opinions & not apologizing for it. I am human. I can change. And as I type this and look at my makeup bag right now -- well, it is 50% green beauty instead of the 100% it once was. I would be a hypocrite to keep GREEN in my name if I am only halfway green.

I believe in vaccines. I get a flu shot--so do my kids. I love essential oils, but do not believe they can cure illness or are an adequate substitute for Western medicine. I love natural and green, but I also have the utmost respect for SCIENCE. Sometimes I wash my hair with a shampoo with the occasional sulfate because my hair just feels better.

I blog about beauty. Chic & Green has been a baby of mine for so many years. But it does not fit MY LIFE or my beliefs. This journey has been AMAZING. But I need to be true to myself.

I still LOVE natural and green products -- if they are preserved effectively and if they work. I have so many favorite brands that I will ALWAYS adore and support because I know that they are putting out stellar products-- from Au Naturale to (seed) to Original Moxie, and more.

Writing about THOSE products still brings me great joy. That said, I still have many other products I adore. And I'd love to write about those, too. That is being true to myself and sharing ALL of my product love with you.

I have purchased the domain name I am a beauty blogger, have been for (nearly) 8 years, and so C & G's name has changed to The Beauty Blogger.

This will be a hard change in that my social media handles have been /chicandgreen for so many years. I do not want to live in a way that is not true to myself or representative of the real me, though. And I think that is why I haven't been excited to sit down and write each day like I used to.

Always be true to yourself--and don't apologize for being who you are.