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A Slight Beauty Shift

As a natural makeup junkie, I've had a bit of a hard time lately with sharing some makeup recommendations that are as pure & natural as can be. Why?

The super duper mineral products I've recommended and enjoyed for years have been causing problems--irritation, redness, sore eyes, etc.

Through a VERY long process of elimination since summer, I have determined one of the culprits: MICA.

This, in some ways, makes me feel like I am in an awkward situation, as I can no longer recommend many products and types of products I've enjoyed for years, simply because I myself have not been able to use them without irritation over these past several months.

It's been hard! I do know that mica in high concentrations (as in mineral makeup) is the cause of my problems, so finding alternatives WITHOUT it as a key ingredient has been challenging. Not so much challenging, but it is difficult because many products without large amounts of mica have ingredients I have not been terribly thrilled with in the past. I can still use products with mica, but if it's in the top couple ingredients, I cannot.

SO, I have had to compromise a bit, I suppose. However, when I avoid it, my skin (and eyes and nose!) is very thankful.

That has meant saying goodbye to some staples. I have had to make some concessions.

These changes have led me to rediscover some past favorite brands or products, and I also have tried some new products. It's been a bit of an adventure!

Some favorites of mine:

Many years ago when I worked for Estee Lauder, I had a favorite liquid foundation called Enlighten. It was lightweight, natural looking, and blended seamlessly. After they discontinued it, I never found that "perfect" liquid foundation.

Sally Hansen had one I liked in the Natural Beauty by Carmindy line. Sadly, that also bit the dust.

Enter Prescriptives! A few years back, the brand disappeared from department stores. It is now available online, though, and I have rediscovered old favorites and also have found a foundation that is even better than my old beloved Enlighten.

This paraben-free formula is called Flawless Skin Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15. I absolutely adore this formula, how it looks, and how it feels.

I wear Champagne and apply it with my BeautyBlender Pro makeup sponge from Sephora, and a little goes a long way. The color is perfect, as is the texture.

Because of my allergies, I also had to break up with my concealer from Vapour. I have found one I am in love with, also from Prescriptives. This one is Camouflage Cream in Light (Warm). It blends without caking, doesn't migrate closer to my eyes by the end of a long day, and does not accentuate any fine lines.

Another favorite of mine can be found at Target for less than 10 bucks, yet rivals any high end lippie. It's the Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color in Sheer Fuchsia. I am happy to report that this is both fragrance and paraben-free. It's the perfect pop of bright meets subtle for spring (should it ever arrive).

I can't wait to share my other new favorites with you soon! It is such a relief to know what to avoid know when shopping. Even for a savvy shopper like me, it can be hard when your skin rebels and you need to start searching for new products!