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Ingredient to Try: Pine Bark

In the eco-beauty arena, pine bark is appearing in more and more products.  Why?
Pycnogenol, which is the trademarked name for pine bark extract, shows great promise when it comes to anti-aging ingredients in skin care.  With so many up and coming ingredients to slow aging, though, is pine bark extract just another fly by night ingredient?
Not according to Dr. Leslie Baumann, a well-respected dermatologist, author, and  Director of the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami Beach.
Dr. Baumann says, "Finally, an ingredient with a decent amount of research to back up its claims! In particular, research indicates that pycnogenol possesses notable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic capacity and an ability to inhibit pigment formation after UV exposure."
I've tried and tested dozens of skin care products with pine bark and am back to share my top picks:


*RelevĂ© Organic Skincare Bamboo Mist features a proprietary form of bio-extracted pine bark extract called PX3, which is unique to the brand.  Bamboo Mist helps to restore luminosity, tone, and provide a boost of hydration.
Beauty Tip:  Another use I have found is to lightly spray this on to set your makeup. Do this after you apply your setting powder. Step back and spritz!
*Derma E Soothing Eye Gel with Pycnogenol is a bargain at less than $20.  It's affordable, effective and available in many grocery stores. This vegan, paraben free formula is cooling and helps combat puffiness and fine lines.
*Time Balm Grapefruit Antioxidant Day Face Cream contains protective pine bark and other natural antioxidants, while aloe vera soothes the skin. It is free of phthalates, parabens, and synthetic colorants.
*emerginC Scientific Organics Kombucha Cleanser features grape stem cells, sea algae, green & whites teas. This deep cleansing formula helps draw toxins out of the skin and protects as it removes makeup.
*Cellex-C Sensitive Skin Serum is a splurge, but a little goes a long way! this gentle, wrinkle-fighting serum packs a punch when it comes to anti-aging, but without irritating irritated skin.