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Shop Local: Blue Honey Jewelry

We have so much local talent here in Rochester.  I love the fact that we have such an artsy community.

My friend Stephanie recently told me about her friend, Julie Rodda, the woman behind  Blue Honey Jewelry.

Blue Honey Jewelry can be found online on Etsy at select local shops. Julie, a Webster native,  uses vintage elements such as buttons, Swarovski crystals, feathers, sari silks, Frozen Charlottes and more. The results of her creativity and passion show -- her pieces are truly one of a kind, boutique style works of art.

A sampling....

I absolutely love these earrings! They are exquisite and would be perfect for Valentine's Day -- or any day!

I love skeleton keys. When I was making jewelry, I used them often in my necklace designs and I just love the vintage vibe. This hair pin set is perfect for your retro date night hair 'do and will add a touch of vintage charm.

My friend Elizabeth has a pixie and she wears funky hair accessories really well and makes them look fabulous. Adorn your pixie (or any cut!) with this beautiful headband.

OK. I am drawn to all of Julie's creations, but I personally feel her niche is her talent at creating AMAZING iPhone cases out of vintage elements. These are true works of art. Yes, these are splurge items, but let's look at it this way--how many of you have your smartphones at your side all day, everyday. Most of you. It's another accessory. You use it always, so you might as well glam it up!
The Dreamy Dragonfly with Swarovski crystals case is my favorite.

Thank you to Stephanie for telling me about Julie and Blue Honey Jewelry! By the way, Stephanie is my friend and all-star Tastefully Simple consultant. Check out her website! If you place an order, select "Karley Mott" as your party hostess!