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Hello there!

Well, hello there. Boy do I miss sitting down to share my beauty finds (and Etsy) finds with you at the frequency I used to.  Alas, life happens.

What has been going on in my little corner of the world that I used to share with you on a daily (or twice daily) basis?

*I started writing as a contributor for a fabulous women's magazine called Hope for Women over the summer. It has been fabulous. I love the ladies, I love the general theme of the magazine, and it is great to be able to write about what I love.

 A few weeks back, I was named the Beauty Editor of the magazine, something I am so proud of. What really is so fabulous to me is that I can create editorial content with so much more freedom. When you write for a magazine such as In Style, Vogue, etc., you are much less in control because you pretty much are told that you have the freedom to write what you want to as long as "Brand X" gets a plug since they pay for full page ads every month. When that happens, you have to compromise your principles.

Not at Hope. The publisher, Angelia White, is a warm-hearted, innovative soul. I really adore her even though when haven't met in person.  The magazine is published in Indiana and I am in upstate New York. She and I have a great rapport and we share a birthday!

The next print issue of Hope will be out soon and available at Barnes & Noble.

You can also find me every Friday on the Hope Facebook page for my Beauty Thursday segments, on their online site (soon to be relaunched and it will look AMAZING), and in upcoming newsletters from the Beauty Editor.

Here is a sneak peak of one of my beauty pieces:

*I am still doing some blogging and social media work for (seed). It is a company I truly believe in--owned by people I respect and believe in. I can see myself doing that for years and years.

*As you know, I thought it's be fun to sign up as a Jamberry Nails consultant at the end of the summer so I had something fun to do since my days weren't going to be as full (and boy, when I tell you what my dads are like now....well, just wait another couple paragraphs). I started promoting and selling the gluten free, vegan nail wraps on September 6, the first week Nick and Ben were back at school. I have been promoted three times (and in another week or so, it looks like I will again!) and have a team of ELEVEN. This journey has been unexpected, invigorating, and just completely amazing. I am so thankful for the flexibility this provides (and that extra income every Friday!) because I need a flexible schedule now more than ever.

*And for the rest of the story-- I am now a homeschooling mom. I *never* in a million years (billion years?) thought that I would say that. Not EVER. Once upon a time, the thought of homeschooling was laughable to me. "Who me, homeschool? That would be NUTS. I would go nuts. I give so much credit to the moms who homeschool--but I will NEVER do it!"

That was really how I felt until October 22nd when the phone rang and Nick's prinicipal was on the other end.  He called to tell me that--in front of multiple teachers and in front of him--Nick was punched in the eye by a bigger, older boy. If you have been reading Chic & Green for any length of time, you may remember that when he was 8, Nick suffered a concussion at school because of a bully. In the time between that October day in 2011 and the end of 4th grade, things were much better. Fifth grade was a whole other story. We found out Nick was pushed on the stairs, shoved in a locker, and then punched--this in a well-respected suburban school district people often move to in order to have their children attend.

We made the decision that day that Nick would NEVER be a student at that school again. Nick has been visiting private schools, but he will not attend until the fall to avoid as little upheaval as possible.  He has endured enough anxiety and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for his needs.

It is not super easy. I cannot sit and work all day or do stuff on the spur of the moment--or just say, "Hey, I want to run to get a coffee and then over to Marshalls."  No, those days--for now--are gone. But it is worth it. I have MY son back--the one who is no longer biting his lips and nails or acting out after he gets home from school--the one with severe anxiety. I have MY boy back.

He is learning. And we have frequent field trips planned. For music, we will attend the regular concert series at the Hochstein School and he is being taught music literature and is learning all about the composers. For our art lessons, we will be going to various art museums across upstate New York, such as the Norman Rockwell Museum on Corning and the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.  When we read about women's voting rights, we will drive to Seneca Falls and visit the Women's Rights National Historic Park.

Nick is reading a large collection of Newbery Award winners for his reading and we are not talking about Common Core and standardized testing.

The past few weeks have truly been physically and mentally exhausting, but we are getting into a routine and, most importantly, Nick feels safe.

Here is our journey on my other blog, Moms Fighting Bullying.  Stay tuned, as Nick and I will be starting a homeschooling adventures blog!

So, my friends, this is why my posting has not been as regular as in the past 6+ years of the blog. We will fall into a routine soon. I have a post planned on my order from Silk Naturals, so look for that this week!