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Our Favorite Paraben Free Facial Sprays


Facial mists are a lovely addition to your skin care regimen. When you spray on moisturizing ingredients, they help nourish skin cells and will help your facial cream work more effectively.  Use a mist prior to moisturizing and again to set makeup. You can even use them throughout the day if you are feeling dry.

Here are my 5 favorite facial mists in all price ranges.  Not wanting to shop?  At the end of this post, I have some links for my DIY facial mists, the very same ones I used to create for my skin care line (which I closed 4 years ago now) time flies!

Here is how I personally use facial mists-- 
  • As a toner post cleansing
  • As a makeup setting spray
  • Throughout the day to boost hydration if I am in a particularly dry environment
  • While flying, as the cabin air is extremely drying to the skin

Best Mist for Oily Skin:

3 Girls Holistic Purifying Toner

If you are fighting a battle against excess oil production and would like to remove the residue from cleanser as well as lingering bacteria WITHOUT stripping the skin, this is the spray for you.

$6.95 - $20

Best Mist for Sensitive Skin with Early Signs of Aging:

Cucumber juice calms hypersensitive skin, while rosewater provides anti-aging benefits. This mist from 100% Pure is gluten free and vegan and will give your skin a plumper, more youthful look.


Best Mist for Dry Climates:

I am not much of a Clinique fan, but they do have one product I recommend--their facial mist. Do you live in a dry climate or are you a frequent flyer? This face mist provides extra moisturization for those with parched skin. The best part? This one also works well on combination skin since there are no oils present.


Best Protective Spray:

Jane Iredale's Pommist spray helps fight UV damage and contains multiple antioxidantssuch as pomegranate, grapeseed, and white tea to combat the damage caused by free radicals.


Best Mist for Dull, Aging Skin:

If you're in your 40's and 50's and are experiencing a loss of firmess and brightness, Arcona's mist may breathe some life back into your skin. Copper and colloidal silver may boost cell regeneration, while Sodium PCA will give a healthy looking glow.


Make it yourself!