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Foreo Luna Review: Rethink Your Cleansing Routine!

Have you heard of the Foreo Luna? I hadn't until recently when I was approached by the company asking me to try the device for review. I have been using the device for three days and wanted to report on my experience because the website clearly states "See and feel the difference in just three days."

You know I am skeptical of statements like that, so I promised I would try it for three days and report here on the blog.

I thought this was just another $199 over-hyped product. After using the Clarisonic and not being impressed with it because it caused skin irritation and presents issues with hygience since bacteria can easily linger in the brush, even with regular washing. Since these devices are FOR BETTER CLEANSING, the type of cleansing method is of importance and nylon bristles and traditional brushes just are a breeding ground for germs when moist.

I had very low expectations of the Foreo Luna.  I figured it was just a newer version of the Clarisonic. NOPE. Not even close. This is a GREAT product!

For reference, I have been using this with a creamy face cleanser from Made from Earth, the Green Tea Toxin Cleanser. I have been alternating between this and a facial cleanser from JR Watkins. The Made from Earth is super gentle and creamy and I find that this type of cleanser is ideal for this device.

Here are my observations:

  • The Foreo Luna doesn't have traditional bristles. It has silicone "touch points."  These are waterproof and non-porous for very easy cleaning. This system is far more hygienic than similar cleansing devices.
  • I received the Luna for Sensitive/Normal Skin.  This is perfect for me.  Other choices include one for Combination Skin and one for Ultra-Sensitive Skin.
  • The Luna charges quickly and can hold a charge for up to 450 treatments. 
  • You can use the Luna in the bath or shower. I use it morning and night. I wash my face in the shower in the morning and then again at night before bed. 
  • My face is definitely cleaner using this as opposed to on my own.  How do I know? Typically, there will still be a small amount of my bronzer on my cotton ball after I use toner on my skin post-cleansing.  There is nothing left behind when I cleanse my skin with my Foreo Luna.
  • My skin is silky and soft to the touch after cleansing. It is also brighter, the same way it gets after I use a facial peel.
  • I can only speak for the cleansing aspects after 3 days.  There is another side of this device that is meant to be massaged over fine lines and wrinkles and ultimately deliver anti-aging benefits. I have been using this side, but it is only my third day, so I will definitely follow up.
  • Because of the level of cleansing achieved, I can use much less in terms of my night-time serum (currently using a newly released one from Seventh Generation that I was sent). Other products seem to absorb better.
  • My skin truly feels the way it does after having a spa facial. 

Chic & Green Bottom Line

I love this product. I am so glad that I am using it because after three days, I DO see a difference in my skin. I will keep you updated after I have had the chance to use it more.

Do I recommend the Foreo Luna? Yes!

For more information on the Foreo Luna, please visit the Foreo website.  You can also find Foreo on Facebook and Twitter.

*I was sent the Foreo Luna for review consideration. I have not been compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.