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Drugstore Skin Care: Yay or Nay?

I am sent several high end products to try each week. I have worked for brands with high-priced skin care. I have been given these products to use as part of my compensation. So why are about 75% of the products I am using on my face for skin care DRUGSTORE products? I will tell you why: BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST AS GOOD (in many cases)!

What is even better is that it is no longer impossible to find great quality drugstore products free of parabens and other nasty ingredients.

I switch around my brands quite a bit based on what I am reviewing, but when I sit here and think about what I am using right now, I have to share how affordable it can be to have great skin! Each product is under $20, with most being well under $10.

5 Facial Favorites

CLEANSER: J.R. Watkins Daily Facial Cleanser (I use this after I remove my makeup with olive oil.)
I recently rediscovered JR Watkins after having found my lemon lotion I had misplaced. Much to my surprise, they now have facial care products! This cleanser is truly a dream--it is gentle, removes makeup, and doesn't dry the skin.

TONER: Thayer's Cucumber and Aloe Alcohol Free Witch Hazel

I always go back to Thayer's. This toner is fragrance free, alcohol free, and oh so soothing on my sensitive skin!

MOISTURIZER: I have mentioned it before, and I will again-- (seed) Fragrance Free Healthy Hand Cream is my go-to product to use as a facial moisturizer--not just a hand cream!

I use this at night on my face and on my hands. I have been using this on my face for 3 or 4 years. I just love it!

EXFOLIANT: Alba Hawaiian Facial Mask with Papaya Enzyme

If you like the papaya enzyme products from Kiehl's, then you will love this. It tingles, but it truly works to slough off dead skin cells. Highly recommend this one!

EYE CREAM: 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Again, a tried and true. I have strayed before, but always come back to this.  Plus, it smells heavenly!

C & G Says: 

 What matters most is not slick ad copy or fancy schmancy product packaging.  Ingredients matter more than anything else!