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Why, Hello There!


Hello lovely readers!

I am so sorry for not posting sooner. I have been swamped with projects and Ben just started his super busy sports season filled with lacrosse and soccer. Nick has been preparing for his band concert and I have been doing LOTS around the house.

Sunday, I tiled the kitchen floor. By myself -- except for the couple weird cuts I lost all patience over and asked Tom to come inside and help me with.

I repainted my kitchen cabinets a couple weeks back--still robin's egg blue--but three shades lighter. We are also in the process of converting our three season breezeway (which was my jewelry studio) into an all-season dining room. We turned our dining room into our bedroom last summer, giving the boys lots more space upstairs.

Saturday after Ben's lacrosse game, the plan is to install a new floor in the soon to be dining room. First, I need to find time to paint the room! It's going to be Behr Melted Butter with white trim. Last month, I painted the living room (again) a shade called Contemplation from Behr and I am in love with it.

I also have mentioned that a couple months back, I overhauled my diet and exercise in a major way. I am now down NINETEEN pounds. Nineteen! And nearly 2 sizes. And I am ENERGETIC and feeling so well. It has really been amazing. The trick--NO EXCUSES. I have been running at a local track, walking 3-4 miles a day, riding my bike, doing a Bob Greene DVD, pilates, and doing exercises with my kettlebell.

A few weeks ago, it was chilly and raining. I told myself, "I don't want to go out there and get rained on." It is an excuse I have used over the years time and time again. It's rainy. Snowy. Windy. Too cold. Too humid.  Too many bees. Too many puddles. Too early. Too late.

And I said to myself, "NO excuses." In fact, I marched over to my closet, grabbed my workout clothes, iPod, water bottle, and put my sneakers on. That day was the turning point because I STOPPED allowing myself to make excuses. I take a day off each week from working out. I just do it.

I have so much to share. Eating is different for me. You have been reading this as I have done low fat, no fat, high fiber, heart healthy, and even Vegan eating. I have never stuck with something this long because they are all DIETS.

This is not. Since March 4th, I have been wheat free, gluten free, sugar free. It must be a record because I haven't had pasta or a piece of warm crusty bread since then. And I DO NOT miss it!

I am not going to lie to you. The first couple weeks were HARD. HAAAAAAARD. Please, I wanted to eat a loaf of sourdough bread, plate of lasgana, and have some Abbott's Frozen Custard....on a waffle cone. Or a chocolate chip muffin from Tim Hortons. Or a cupcake.

Then something happened. No more heartburn. No more bloating. No more cravings. NONE. I sleep better. I am HAPPIER. I am not as tightly wound. I am HEALTHIER. Every single time I have ever attempted to lose weight--whether it be those 50 pounds I lost when Ben was 2--or "just 5 pounds", I always had the idea that it was a "DIET"--that my diet would eventually end and I could go back to eating anything I wanted. I had to change my ENTIRE thought process and make a true CHANGE.

Chic & Green will be adding a new regular section to this blog. I will share recipes, other success stories and more. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, this week I will be back with more jewelry talk from Color by Amber, product reviews, and Etsy Love.