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Review: Surya Brasil

I was recently introduced to a brand of hair care and body care prooducts called Surya Brasil.

This is an affordable brand of Ecocert-certified products from the Amazon Rainforest.  Products are vegan, cruelty free, and truly kind to the environment.

I have tried many natural hair care brands before and have only been impressed by a couple of them.  I'm about to add another to the list, because Surya Brasil is fantastic.

Surya Brasil Review

Let's see what I have tried so far:

Today I am reviewing a shampoo and conditioner from the Color Fixation line. All products in this line are free of SLS and SLES, paraben-free, non GMO, mineral oil free, and free of artificial colors and fragrance.

Color Fixation Restorative Shampoo ($9.99 for 8.45 ounces)

One of the problems I have with natural shampoos is that most of them leave my hair feeling greasy.  Other than a couple standouts, my hair just doesn't look clean after using them.  This product is an exception.  While the shampoo doesn't lather up, my hair is left feeling clean and silky, but not oily.

My color doesn't fade and seems more vibrant when I use this shampoo.  In fact, compared to my other favorite natural shampoos, this one works best at keeping my hair looking shiny with lasting color.

I love the ingredients in this shampoo.  There are so many luxurious ingredients from nature, such as cupuaçú seed butter and buriti fruit oil.

I also have to say that this shampoo, while less money than other natural shampoos, has far more natural botanicals and less fillers.  It really is a lovely shampoo and I highly recommend it.

If you have color treated hair, I am quite sure you'll like this!

I also would like to note that this is vegan certified and gluten free.

Color Fixation Restorative Conditioner ($9.99. 8.45 ounces)

The conditioner from Surya Brasil is also quite lovely!  It leaves my hair feeling silky smooth without being weighed down.  I need VERY little conditioner with my pixie, but I do use it. In fact, I use less than a pea-sized amount for my length of hair and it is nourishing enough for me. Amazonian buriti oil and cupuaçu butter, as well as 15 botanical extracts are also in this formula.

I love that this leaves my hair feeling like I applied a high end salon formula for about the price of hair care products found at Target.

I also had the chance to try several lip balms from this company. Wow! The flavors are so unique (and they are made without artificial flavoring agents).  For example, I had the chance to try a delicious Chocolate Mint, tart Acai berry, and have a couple other flavors to try as well such as Cinnamon Cupuaçu and Strawberry Buriti. 

Surya Brasil Lip Balm ($3.49)

The lip balms are truly among the best I have ever tried--and I have tried MANY lip balms over the years.  The lip balms are vegan, all-natural, and leave my lips feeling soft for hours.  I love knowing that when I use this lip balm (and other Surya Brasil products) that I am supporting sustainable harvesting in the Amazon. What a great company with great products!

The C & G Bottom Line

Ladies (and gents), I do have other products I still need to try from this brand for review.  I just haven't had a chance to do so yet.  If you are looking for a new line of all natural products at affordable prices, I can recommend Surya Brasil without reservation.

*Disclosure: I was sent products for possible review at no cost.  This in no way has affected the outcome of this review and all opinions are my own.