Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

NEW! The (seed) Market is open!

You all know I have loved (seed) Body Care since my very first time trying their Fragrance Free Hand Cream nearly three years ago.

I love everything about the people behind the company, Rebecca and Benjamin Gournay, and am so fortunate have been able to meet them! They're created a truly lovely product line and it is accessible to EVERYONE.

I love that when my hand cream runs low, I can even ask Tom to pick it up while he is at Wegmans.  He knows to look for the purple tube :)

I wanted to share they (seed) recently -- as in YESTERDAY -- launched the brand spankin' new (seed) Market. It's a beautiful site and you can buy all of their products right in one place.  Check it out!

To celebrate the launch, (seed) is offering freebies with all orders through Valentine's Day, too!