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The Best & Worst Part of Pink Eye = New Makeup!

The harsh realization of getting over pink eye came today when I was going through my makeup bag--I had to toss a bunch of stuff or else I risk re-infecting my eyes.


Out into the trash went my mascara, three loose mineral powder eyeshadows, a loose powder concealer,  and a powder liner. Ouch. While I can wash my makeup brushed thoroughly, I contaminated my makeup. With every dip of my makeup brushes into the pots of mineral makeup, I was putting those nasty germs (unknowingly--I didn't realize I would have pink eye) into the powder pots. Please remember this should you ever get pink eye -- you cannot keep using your makeup after your pink eye has cleared because the germs will still be in the makeup and products like mascara, especially, are a breeding ground for that sort of thing!

The upside? New makeup! It can be fun choosing new things, so I went to Target and bought a couple of things this morning and last night I placed an order at

First of all, I splurged a bit on eyeshadow. Or not. Now that I am thinking about it, the $27 palette is a better buy, as it works out to be less than my individually purchased mineral shadows. I also am wanting truly matte shadows for daytime.
I ordered the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette 1 with all matte colors. I will let you know my thoughts after it comes!

I needed to replace my concealer as well.  I have found that over the past couple of years, my skin needs a great deal more hydration, so I decided not to get a powder concealer this go around and I ordered Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer in shade 030. I read to go up a couple shades because even the most alabaster tones were reporting that the light shades were even too light for them.

Did I mention I also had to toss my powder foundation because I have my sweeping it over my eyelids as a base? Yep. I have been dipping my big fluffy eye brush in that pot, too. I decided to try a product I used to use ions ago--before it was paraben-free. Now that it is paraben-free, I wil try it again: Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Baked Color Correcting Foundation in Fair. Now, purists--this IS not a natural product, nor do they claim it to be. It is on par with Smashbox or Tarte, I would say in terms of "naturalness". It is not a crunchy-natural product. It also isn't a bargain.  You know how I love a bargain.  The thing is, I have felt like crap for the past couple weeks, I have a regular source of income from my writing, and I don't splurge on other stuff for myself. So I will treat myself to 3 more expensive makeup products. I just remember how much I used to adore this powder foundation because of how light and airy it was -- and how radiant it makes your skin look. Granted, it has been about 7 or 8 years since I last used it, but I am going by the stellar reviews.

Today at Target, I bought my favorite mascara: Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara. It is less than $10 and is the first EcoCert-certified mascara on the market. I go back to this time and time again and have decided that this is truly my favorite natural mascara.

I plan to review all of these in the coming weeks. Speaking of reviews-- I am trying some really fabulous natural facial care products from a line called Pure + Remedy.  I will review them soon for you!