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3 Tips for Sore Throat Relief

Tom has been under the weather since last Tuesday. Sore throat. Cough. Runny nose. Fatigue...Thankfully, he is almost better.  Unfortunately, he passed his sore throat on to me. Saturday night I felt awful. My throat was so swollen and sore than I could hardly swallow.

By Saturday night, I was desperate for relief. The throat lozenges were gone...salt water gargle wasn't helping. I remebered something from the news the other night about elderberry for flu-like symptoms. I went to Wegmans and found Zand Elderberry Zinc Herbalozenges for under $2 in the Nature's Marketplace section, looked at the ingredients (GOOD--no nasties at all) and bought them.

I also was on the Internet looking for home remedies. I tried eating marshmallows, which was one suggestion. I could hardly swallow them and they ended up doing nothing.

I also found an at-home remedy of lymphatic drainage massage. It was 2am and I was exhausted, but I would have done anything for relief.

I went to one of my favorite health and wellness blogs, Organic Authority, and found a post about relieving a sore throat naturally. Part way down through the post, the guest blogger Steven Horne, a Registered Herbalist, shows readers how to administer lymphatic drainage massage to the throat area. I followed the steps and found relief (and less swelling to my giant glands) within an hour. I literally could feel the built up "yuck" moving away and downward.

You know me. I try to live a green lifestyle, but I still believe in mainstream medicine in addition to complementary medicine. I vaccinate my kids, for example. So sometimes I am skeptical of herbal remedies and "super crunchy" stuff...

The throat massage combined with the elderberry reduced my sore throat by about 75% yesterday and now it is about 90% gone and other than being tired, I am so much better than a couple days ago.

What else helped me?  Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

Easy peasy and oh so yummy! I make my soup with a Lemon Pepper Rostisserie Chicken from Wegmans.

First, in a stock pot you'll need to melt a bit of butter and olive oil.  In this, I saute an onion, diced celery and carrot slices with a bit of garlic. Then I add in chicken and two cartons of Wegmans Chicken Culinary Stock. Add in a bit of salt and the juice of a lemon, along with some basil and thyme and after simmering on low for a couple hours, you'll have delicious soup. A few minutes before you're ready to eat, boil water in a separate pan and throw in some egg noodles that you can later add to the bowls of soup.

Just thought I'd share in case this helps you: elderberry lozenges, lymphatic drainage massage & soup! They have really, really helped me!