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Monday Morning Musings

from the MLK, Jr. Memorial in Washington

It is a quiet morning.  It's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, so the boys are off from school. They're enjoying a bit more time with my mom after spending the weekend with her and I am sitting on the sofa with pink eye, a majorly LONG case of the sniffles, and am covered with my blankets sipping tea & honey.

The bright side? I have been doing a bit of work (actually, this is giving me energy!) and am watching coverage of the Inauguration.  How stunning is Michelle Obama's coat?  I cannot wait to see her dress. Sasha and Malia look stunning, too. It's funny because I was cold and threw on an old hoodie from Old Navy -- a rich purple with magenta letters...the colors of the girls' coats. Also looking forward to the Inaugural balls about you?

I'm excited to watch President Obama, a man I am so proud of, to become sworn in again today.  I have the big pooch curled up at my feet, the fire's crackling, and my boys will be home soon. I honestly cannot complain. It's been a long couple weeks of everyone being under the weather in this house. I will be back this week with more posting-- I promise!

Have a beautiful day, my friends.