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Jamberry Nails Review

Have you heard about Jamberry Nails? I had seen a couple online mentions before a few months back, but had the idea in my head that their product was just a sticker like the ones a few years back I had tried (and disliked) from Avon.

The lovely folks at Jamberry Nails asked me if I would like to try their product and I accepted.  I will be candid when I say that I didn't think I'd like them.  I thought it'd be a chore to apply them.  I thought they would look like stickers.  I have no problem saying I WAS WRONG. You heard me, readers. Karley was wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong. I ACTUALLY LOVE Jamberry Nails!

I had a hard decision choosing which holiday-themed nail shields I would be using first.  I actually chose a deep red with white damask print.

Applying Jamberry Nails is quite easy. You'll need to be sure that your nails are free of oils and residue from skin care products such as creams and oils.  Make sure there are no traces of nail polish left behind.  I took my buffing block and did a quick buffing of my nails -- fingernails and toenails.

First, you warm the decals for a few seconds with a hair dryer.  Then you can apply the "sticker", which is not truly a sticker. It is a vinyl decal of sorts called a Nail Shield.  Press it and smooth it into the nail. Cut to the right length and then I used a wooden cuticle stick to gentle push into cuticle area. Then you use the hair dryer again to seal it in, so to speak.  Voila--you have stunning nails in just a few minutes. Tips are just to apply lots of pressure and be sure you warm the shield prior to application.

Jamberry Nails Nail Shields sell for $15.  At first I thought that was too much.  However, they will last up to 10 days and each sheet will provide you with 2 to 3 sets of fingers or toes. If you consider the cost of a long lasting salon manicure/pedicure and love to do it yourself, this is a great bet.

I have had two long, pretty hot showers and a long bath with these. I also have scrubbed a lasagna pan. No peeling, chipping, etc. so far.  It's Monday at 11:15am as I type this and I applied them Saturday afternoon.

What I really adore about these would be the fact that when you apply them, there are no fumes at all like traditional nail polish.  You also can remove these WITHOUT nail polish remover. For a test, I did it on my pinky toe. You just rewarm with heat from the hair dryer and peel the nail shield off. Easy peasy.

Jamberry Nails are sold through independent reps. You can also buy online.

Here is a link to the company: Jamberry Nails

Chic & Green approves of Jamberry Nails and gives the product an A.

*Disclosure: I was sent nail shields from Jamberry Nails for possible review at no cost.  This in no way has affected the outcome of this review.