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The Best Skin Care Products of 2012

It is that time again -- time for me to tell you about my most favorite green skin care products of 2012.  You'll notice many of them have made the list year after year.  This year, I have chosen three winners for each category.  Why?  Honestly, there are so many fabulous facial skin care and body care products on the market worthy of your attention that I just cannot bear to leave them off my list!  Plus, if availability near you is an issue, know that you have options for finding great products!

BEST of 2012

And the winners are...

Best Soaps 2012

Best Handmade Bar Soaps

To make my list, the soaps must be free of palm oil, give a nice creamy lather, cleanse the skin effectively, not leave a buildup on the skin, and not leave my skin feeling tight and dry.

The winners are:  Aunt Nancy's Handmade Soap, Wink Soap, and Alchemic Muse.  All are stellar soaps.

Best Face Cleansers

Best Liquid Facial Cleansers

There are some really beautiful facial cleansers on the market and I have to say that you do NOT have to spend much money to get a good product.  I have been sent so many products over the years and it is a shame to see that some $50 cleansers are not nearly as nice as $9 ones. It's the ingredients, people!

My skin is on the dry side of normal. It is sensitive and I am in my late 30s.

If your skin is different than mine, please use our search feature for other posts on cleanser recommendations for different skintypes or drop me an email!

Best Facial Toners of 2012

Best Facial Toners

Thayer's makes some really beautiful toners.  My favorite is probably the Cucumber Witch Hazel Alcohol Free.  Other top-notch toners include 100% Pure Brightening Tonique if you want to spend more moola and Dickinson's Witch Hazel. This one is better for oily skintypes, in my opinion.

Best Facial Serums of 2012

Best Facial Serums

With my history in the skin care industry, you know I am super picky about products for the face.  Serums are one of those products I can be extra critical of. Three stellar facial serums:  Grateful Body Sea Cell Serum, Sia Botanics Prickly Pear Serum, and my most favorite (which is also the most reasonable) of all three is Acure Organics Seriously Firming Facial Serum. All three are packed with potent anti-aging ingredients and will help your skin fight the signs (and correct over time) of aging.

best peels

Best Facial Peels & Scrubs

One of the best things you can do for your skin to keep it looking fresh and healthy is EXFOLIATE! My top three products are L'Bri Rejuventating Facial Peel, Made From Eath Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub, and Juice Beauty Gentle Green Apple Peel.

Best Facial Moisturizers of 2012

Best Facial Moisturizers

Again, ultra picky about moisturizers for the face. My favorite is technically a hand cream, but I have spoken at great length about how what matters it the INGREDIENTS in a tube, not the name of the product.  I will tell you that I am wholeheartedly in love with (seed) Healthy Hand Cream. I use the fragrance free version. I use it on my face and on my hands.  I use it on my kids.  It is fantabulous.

Best Eye Creams of 2012

Best Eye Creams

I love eye treatments and I am not picky about consistency as long as the ingredients are effective and the results visible. My top 3 eye products are all available at a discounted price on and they are all truly lovely!

Best Lip Balms of 2012

Best Lip Balms

I love lip balm.  We all apply it frequently in this house (even my boys) and we go through quite a bit.

Again, Acure Organics makes my list.  It has quickly become a favorite brand of mine, especially for facial and hair care.  The lip balm tastes so heavenly! It is dark chocolate + mint. Yum! But it also works.

Wink Soap Coconut Cream Lip Balm is absolutely divine as well, plus Badger  makes awesome lip balms!

Best Body Washes of 2012

Best Body Washes 

For me to say something is a good body wash it must pass my no itch test.  I have an issue with even the most natural body washes making my skin feel tight and itchy.

My top 3-- Nourish Organic Body Wash, this is a brand I adore. I have tried three of their washes now and love them all.  I also adore Queen Helene Naturals Cocoa Butter Body Wash. Another favorite is from 100% Pure.  While it is part of their kids line, I prefer it to the "adult" ones from the line. It is the 100% Pure Yummy Ice Cream 2-in-1.

Best Body Scrubs 2012

Best Body Scrubs

I love body scrubs. I use them every other day.  For deep exfoliation, I need the salt scrubs.  Otherwise, I love the yummy gourmand scents of many sugar scrubs.  My top 3 scrubs --

Prem Soaps Salt Scrub is the best scrub you can buy when it comes to salt. I also love the luxurious aroma and texture of Shea Terra Organics Premium Dark Chocolate Sugar Stone Exfoliating Cream. I also love the body scrubs from 100% Pure, particularly the Cocoa Kona scrub.

Best Moisturizers for the Body

Best Body Moisturizers

Number one, I know we all prefer different textures -- I am stating right off the bat that as I get older, I am no longer such a body lotion fan. I love rich butters, creams, and balms. My favorite in each of those categories: Nourish Almond Vanilla Body Butter, (seed) Relaxing Lavender Body Cream, and or a rich balm, I adore Badger Creamy Cocoa Body Moisturizer.