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Wink Soap Review with Guest Reviewer

Today I have to tell you all about a company owned by a lovely woman named Mindi.  In fact, it is a brand I haven't tried until recently called Wink Soap. How had I not heard of this place??? 

Last week I was sent a bar of  Pumpkin Spice handmade soap and a tube of Coconut Cream lip balm to review.  Now you know me-- I am extremely picky when it comes to handmade soaps.  For me to love them, they must have a nice, creamy lather and be free of palm oil.  I also like them to clean my skin without drying and to look pretty.

In fact, I only use handmade soaps from 2 to 3 companies because I can get so picky.  Wink Soap is now one of the companies I will be able to recommend without hesitation.

I love the packaging.  The presentation is clean and modern and definitely suitable for gift giving.  The soap lathers nicely and it cleans well without being harsh at all.  The ingredients are stellar -- some olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, and shea butter all combine to make a lovely bar of soap.  Did I mention that all Wink Soap products are also Vegan?  I know this can affect many people's decision making processes when it comes to products.

Each bar of Wink Soap sells for $5.95.
My grade -- an A  and for me to give a bar of soap an A is a big deal!

Now for the lip balm review, I give you my lip balm loving son, Nick.  I've told you about him before.  He is 9 and just a super loveable kiddo.  He also LOVES lip balm and can be opinionated about which ones he likes and doesn't like. He can be a tough critic, so I thought I would let him share his thoughts.

Here is what he thought:

*Feels smooth and says it's just how he likes it
*Tastes OK, very much like coconut
*Lips stay soft after application
*Yes, he would recommend it to others.
*If giving a grade, it would earn an A-.

Each lip balm sells for $2.95 at Wink Soap.

NEWS: My friend Tanvi of Peppermint on Park Avenue in Rochester just told me that her boutique will start carrying Wink Soap in December! Woo hoo!