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OK, I know that this is a green beauty blog....a blog about DIY projects and sometimes a bit of my life thrown in. I have shared quite a bit about myself with  you over the past 5.5 years that I've been writing here at Chic & Green.

I've made it no secret in the past where I stand politically. I am a liberal....a Democrat. I love President Obama. I adored President Clinton. I am a proud American. I believe in hard work.  I also believe in helping others and I believe in equality. I believe that this election is the most important of our time.

I have had some of my writing published on left-leaning websites. If you are undecided or you want to know why I believe what I do, I would like you to please read these pieces. I am so passionate about voting for Barack Obama.  I believe the futures of our children and our rights as women depend on it. I know this probably won't be a favorite post among some of my super conservative readers, but I proud of what I believe and I am proud of our President.