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Seeking "Me" Time

It's been a busy, but nice morning. I got the kids off to school, voted, &  met my friends for coffee, including Peggy, therapist and chai maker extraordinaire.

I just got home from a nice, leisurely manicure from the super fabulous Elizabeth, guest blogger at C & G, Supermom, actor & the woman behind Chandelierious. Do you know how long it has been since I had a nice, relaxing manicure? I don't, but I can tell with with certainty that it was before I had children. Same thing with regular massages. It just doesn't happen.

When I got home a little while ago, I felt calm.  Relaxed.  Unhurried. 

I've been very busy lately. That's why posts haven't been daily or even multiple times daily.  A couple of weeks ago, I began a new position with a wonderful natural body care company I've written about on the blog before doing social media and blogging for them.  I also am, for the time being, doing my social media work for another company a few hours a week. Then there's the newsletter writing and blogging for a nation organization devoted to cosmetologists....and my freelance pieces...and managing the Pinterest accounts of 12 companies.

So while I have a tremendously flexible schedule and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I do each day, it is a balancing act because I do whatever I can to put in my 110% effort and be done with my work by the time Nick and Ben get home from school because that is my most important job -- being a mom!

This brought me to thinking. I am lucky because I have a flexible schedule. However, this has me filling up just about every free moment.  I volunteer quite a bit. I have been super busy with my volunteer efforts for Obama for America, making calls and getting the word out and two days this week I am doing the book fair at school. Down time is really rare. It might involve reading a book on the Nook or curling up with a cup of hot tea, but when it comes to "scheduled down time", I just do not do it.

My manicure and conversation with my friend was kind of like an "A-ha" moment. I need to schedule more ME time the way I would find the time to volunteer at school or for finishing writing pieces.

Once Elizabeth lands herself in a salon (which I bet will be super soon!) I will be making regular appointments. I think I'm also going to start getting massages again. It can be so easy to get yourself into a schedule that does not include self care and relaxation for yourself.

This is what I want to know-- What do YOU do for yourself as a way to have you time?  Not you and the kids.  Not you and your significant other, not you and the people you're busy volunteering with...Just you. Something for you as a means of pampering yourself....without interruptions.  I think it is something more of us need to take the time to do!

By the way, I am loving my nails. If I could find another battery for this camera (I put it in the Wii remote the other day), I'd share a pic. The next best option is to show you the shade. It is called Trophy Wife and it is by Essie: