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Christmas Magic in the Mail

I love this time of year.  Two weeks from today, I'll be in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner for our family.  The turkey will be making its way into the oven, pies will be baking, and the boys will have just finished watching the Macy's parade on tv. After everyone leaves and all is cleaned up, that is when I officially start my Christmas decorating.

I love the magic of Christmas. I love the music, the events, the togetherness. Most of all, I love that excitement, joy and light in the eyes of my boys. They get so excited and  have so much Christmas spirit -- and much of that stems from the jolly old man at the North Pole: Santa Claus.

Don't you remember that feeling you had as a child?  I know I sure do!

I want to tell you about a friend of mine.  Her name is  Nickie and she is a mom of two boys as well.  She lives in Connecticut and she loves Christmas as well. Every year, she sends children customized letters from Santa Claus bearing a North Pole stamp through her small business, Nickie's North Pole Connection.

Nickie has a brand new website and now is the PERFECT time to order your personalized letters. They are made just for YOUR child -- not just a form letter of some sort.  She will ask you a bit about your kiddos and create a special letter just for them.  It is such a great experience for them when they come home from school only to find letters stamped from the North Pole made out to them!

Check out Nickie's website today! Each letter is just $10 and includes the cost of postage.