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C & G Holiday Gift Guide: Day 4

Day 4 of our annual Christmas gift giving guide deserves a separate post all its own!

One word: CHEESE.

I love cheese. Seriously. I have been known as a cheese-loving mouse since I was just a little girl eating it at my Mia and Popu's house. I remember my grandmother serving it on her coffee table along side other treats in small wooden salad bowls.

I think this is how my Ben got his insatiable love for feta cheese.

I like any kind of cheese. In fact, not having REAL cheese was the reason I failed at being a vegan. I love cheese so much that, if it were socially acceptable, I think I could even drink a mug of rich fondue the way I'd chug down hot cocoa! Now take that image of me doing so out of your head. We all know I wouldn't do anything unladylike!

I recommend Yancey's Fancy cheese, which you can find right at Wegmans. I have even ordered it online to send as gifts to people in other parts of the country. Yancey's Fancy is artisan cheese from New York and I love it! If you live in this part of NY, you may realize this is one of the great cheeses everyone stops for at Kutter's on the way home from a long day at Darien Lake.

If you're looking for a yummy cheese gift, order from them here: Yancey's Fancy website.

My favorite kind is the Finger Lakes Strawberry Chardonnay Cheddar, closely followed by the XXX Sharp Cheddar. All of them are delicious, though!