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My Favorite Pressed Powder Foundation

This time of year has my skin always in a state of pure confusion.  We jump from humid, warm weather to windy, chilly temps and the heat running--and sometimes we get that bit of "Indian Summer" and my skin is left wondering what's going on yet again.

That means it's time to change up my foundation once more.  It happens EVERY single October.  I've been using the Jane Iredale Amazing Base loose foundation I told you about. It is my holy grail of mineral powder foundations for when my skin is more oily. And it really is fabulous with its built in SPF. 

It is a bit drying for me now, though, so it'll be put away for a few more months.

Last week, I opened up my makeup case and took out my Honeybee Gardens Pressed Mineral Foundation.  It's been several months since I used it and it was really great to have it back in my makeup lineup.  The shade I wear is called Supernatural and it is just perfect for my skin. You can see the color below in the photo.

The foundation sells for $9.99 and I promise you it feels like $30, $40, and $50 foundations. Honeybee Gardens, like my other favorite small makeup company, Silk Naturals, has perfected the art of creating high quality cosmetics at prices everyone can afford.

I think that what makes me so fond of this foundation is the fact that the texture is just divine. It is so silky smooth and I love the buildable coverage it provides.  It is sold in refill form and you can buy the compact to keep it in. If you buy the compact, it sells for $11.99, but remember you only will be investing in the compact once. I also like that it is mess free.  It is pressed, so I do not have to worry about specks of powder getting all over the place.  This also makes it portable, so I can tuck the compact in my purse.

As far as foundation application, I apply it with the Honeybee Gardens Mini Buffer/Kabuki Brush which is also just delightful.  My brush from Everyday Minerals broke not too long ago and this one features even softer bristles. The brush is high quality and sells for $12.99.

What is your favorite pressed foundation? I'd love to know!