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Evaluate Your Home Security & Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping those things we care about in life is among our most basic, primal urges, right up there with
eating, sleeping, making love and filling in tax forms (I’m kidding, I’m kidding), but the fact remains
that looking after others is an important thing to everybody. Our homes are an extension of that
ideal, we live inside them but so do all our worldly possessions, everything we own, all our memories
and the good times we’ve had, and for a large portion of us, it’s also where our loved ones live. Be
they relatives or children and wives, they’re as much a part of the fabric of that building as we are,
and it’s for that reason why ensuring your home security is up to snuff is one of the most important
things you can do.

Evaluating your home security isn’t something you need hire a professional to do either, it’s
something you can easily achieve yourself with just a little care and knowledge. For example, you
might not have thought about it, but a robber is highly unlikely to come crashing through your walls
in order to make off with your computers and television, no, their only real options are your doors
and windows, which are coincidentally two of the easiest things to check.

Starting with windows, the biggest mistake people make is to simply leave them unlocked or even
worse – open. It’s hard to remember when you’re tired, but leaving your windows open or unlocked
whilst you fall asleep is just one big welcome mat for a thief, who will jump at the opportunity of
slipping quietly in your home to make off with your possessions. A little common sense and diligence
can fix this problem, but heightened security never does any harm and many companies offer
inexpensive ways of further securing windows via restrictors, this is absolutely worthwhile. Common
sense should prevail, always make sure your valuables are out of sight, don’t leave your keys near
your door and always shut your curtains in the evening because if they can’t see it, they won’t want
to steal it.

From there, check your doors; regular barrel locks work okay in practice, but any burglar with a
little know how and some basic DIY tools can break through them in less than 20 seconds. Replacing
your locks with high security cylinders (there are plenty on the market) will ensure that your home
remains safe and sound.

One final, vital addition to any home security should be CCTV, which has been steadily dropping in
price since it rose to popularity a few years ago. These days, a good quality CCTV system is within
the grasp of most households and you need not fear the cost. By evaluating your home security and
making repairs where you see fit, you too can ensure your home is free from robbery, vandalism
and anything else which may seek to harm or hurt you, your loved ones or your home. It’s all in the
simple things, and in no time you can get back to living without the fear of being broken in to.

Jakk Ogden writes for, a home security specialist helping
consumers secure their homes with products such as home security locks and UPVC window

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