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Child Safety Tips (Sponsored Post)

10 Tips for Child Safety at Home

You cannot, perhaps unfortunately be in two or more places at the same time, although with young children in the home, you may often wish you could be. There are steps you can take to protect your child from harm in the house, and you can enlist the support of your older children to help keep the youngest member of the family safe from harm.

Keep all detergents, medication and alcohol out of reach, and do not put convenient chairs close to medicine cabinets or cabinets in which you have stashed your detergents or alcohol. You should put childproof locks on all such cabinets.

Put locks on all your windows, and if necessary call in a locksmith to do the job for you. Locksmiths can advise you on the best childproof locks as well as ones which are intruder-proof.

Don’t leave chairs close to windows, as young children can clamber up them and may fall through an open window. A screen is not sufficient to prevent a child falling.

Cover any sockets which are not in use as children are curious and will put their fingers or any other small objects into the holes, and this could cause a fire.

Never leave a child unattended in the kitchen, especially when you are cooking. Make sure that all pan handles are facing towards the back of the hob, so that a child cannot grab them and make them fall. No one wants to take a child screaming to the burns unit of the local hospital. Also instruct older children to take particular care when using the kitchen.

Stair gates can prevent accidents happening and can be locked into place- the older family members will be able to climb over them, but they are insurmountable for a very young child.

Cover sharp corners with rounded plastic covers so that you young child does not cut his/her head on them.

Never leave sharp items on a surface, even though you don’t think your child can reach them. Put scissors, needles, knives, and so on back in drawers and cupboards and if you think it is necessary, keep these places locked.

You should fix any free-standing furniture such as bookcases to the wall, so that even if your toddler tries to climb up them, they will not fall and crush him/her.

Pools can be very dangerous if you have a young child, and perhaps the best thing to do if you have one is to install an alarm system which alerts you if anyone falls into the pool. You can also cover it when you are not able to supervise your child outside, but the alarm system is probably the safest option.

When you have a young child at home, you suddenly become aware of all the potential dangers which have always been lurking in your home. If you crawl around the floor yourself, you may be able to find even more things which could harm your child. Look at your home from a child’s point of view, and address any possible problems. You may feel a little stupid, but it’s worth doing this to protect your young child form harm.

Author Bio:
Marry Jojo is a freelance writer and a mother who wants to take good care of her children. She often write article about child safety and home security. She is also a contributing author of Bellevue locksmith website.

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