Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

The Finishing Touch


I really love Noella Beauty Works Finishing Touch Setting Veil.  It is made right here in Rochester and the Pearl shade is just exquisite. The texture is so silky soft and it lasts almost all day long! I find myself using this one more than my others.  If I had to choose just one, I think it would be this one. I recommend it for combination skin. It helps keep shine away, but it isn't flat and matte.  This one is a keeper! $15.49

Silk Naturals Vegan Perfecting Powder is also lovely.  It is made locally as well, just down near Ithaca in Trumansburg. There are two of Karen's powder blends that really stand out" Blur (tinted) and Ultimate Luxury Powder.  I like the Blur tinted version in the winter when my skin is quite dry.  It helps blur any fine lines and gives a soft focus look.  Ultimate Luxury Powder is another stellar powder.  It feels luxurious going on and it contains rose petals. It gives you a matte finish. $11.95-16.99

Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust is an old stand by for me. I have used it for years.  I like this one for summer time when I am more oily than dry. Even though I try (and love) new products often, this one will always be one of the best powders on the market. $12.99

Alima Pure also makes a fantastic finishing powder. The Satin Finishing Powder is ideal for setting makeup, but what I like about it is that this one really works well on its own.  I like it for the rare weekend days when I do not wear anything other than a hint of powder and some lip gloss. $20

Last but not least is my favorite high definition powder: e.l.f. This is by far the best value of the bunch and the quality doesn't suffer for the low price point. I like this one quite a bit.  It softens fine lines and really will set your makeup. The caveat--you cannot wear HD powder if you plan to have your pictures taken using a flash. It will not look good. Otherwise, this one is a great find at Target or the drugstore when you don't want to wait for an online order.