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Back to the Grind

Today was the boys' first day of school. Nick is in 4th grade now and Ben is in 2nd.  Can you believe that when I first started this blog, I was telling you about Nick's adventures in PRESCHOOL?  How time flies incredibly fast.  My boy turned NINE yesterday. NINE. And the baby is 7.  I wish I had the ability to freeze time, readers!

Ben (7) and Nick (9)

This time of year always is a time of reflection and change. Major things always seem to happen this time of year. My facial cream being featured in Martha Stewart Body + Soul happened in September of 2008.  The decision to close my skin care business happened in September 2009. Can you believe it has been THREE years?  This time of year also brings excitement for me, as two of my articles will debut in USA TODAY's annual women's health magazine.  It will on newsstands October 7th. Look for a piece on red lipstick and one on hair accessories.

I will be back to more activities as well.  In the summer, I scale back majorly so I can be actively involved with the boys--traveling, visiting the zoo, museums, etc.  I will be back to blogging daily.  I will be doing more in the way of volunteering as well for things I am passionate about.  Soon, I will begin volunteering at Planned Parenthood.  I also am going to devote even more time to the Obama-Biden re-election campaign.  I have started writing to Political Groove and Voice for America.  As always, I will be volunteering at school.  

I am also returning from an almost 3 month break from my jewelry business.  I have been working on new earrings and will be listing them soon.

This is an exciting time.

What are your plans for fall?