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Review: e.l.f. High Definition Powder


A few weeks ago, I shared some reviews of the "better" e.l.f. products made without the nasties.

Because I was impressed with many of them, I decided to buy some more last week at Target.  My favorite one yet?  The $6 e.l.f. Studio High Definition Powder. Of the three available shades, I chose Translucent, as it is what the typical HD powder is like.

As someone who used to be a devoted Make Up For Ever HD Powder ($32) fan, I was hoping the e.l.f. would be similar based on the ingredients list and appearance.

What another pleasant surprise from this brand!

First of all, this can easily pass for the Makeup Forever product.  In fact, if you were to do a blind test, the two would be indistinguishable if you were to look at your face in the mirror.

The main differences?

*Price -- e.l.f (8g.) is $6 compared to $32 
For the record,  the e.l.f. is a bit smaller.  It is 8 grams vs. 0.35 ounces, which converts to 9.9 grams.

*Availability -- you can find this at almost any Target or Walmart, in addition to online.

*Ingredients -- The Make Up For Ever is purely silica powder. Honestly, you can order this from Coastal Scents online. In fact an entire pound of it costs only $3 more than the little jar from Makeup Forever! I like the e.l.f. powder better because it also contains Dimethicone (no, silicones are not horrible for your skin! Some people may find that they trigger acne if they already are very acne prone, but I do not hesitate to use powder with silicones). The Dimethicone in the powder gives it an extra softness, creates a smooth canvas, and really helps control the shine. I prefer the e.l.f. formula.

Why Use an HD Powder

High definition powders are a favorite of makeup artists for a good reason! They give a buffed, almost airbrushed appearance, help hide fine lines and wrinkles, and give a radiant look while absorbing oil. 

Tips & Tricks

One word to the wise: HD powders can help you look flawless in photographs -- but only when NON flash photography is used.  If you're getting married, for example, I wouldn't wear an HD powder to an indoor ceremony or your photos will have a white cast.

The best brush ever for applying HD powder -- my tried an true Ecotools Bamboo Powder Brush. It words beautifully with powders and is around $8!