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West Coast Jeannie Visits Bellacures

Please say "hello" to Jeannie, who is our new Los Angeles-area contributor. Jeannie and I have been friends for several years and when Bellacures contacted me and invited me to come to their salon for a service (3000 miles away), I knew that Jeannie would be a great candidate to visit and give her feedback.

Bellacures is a salon for hands and feet.  They are based in the Los Angeles area and have developed a strong reputation for their cleanliness and professionalism.  In fact, it is something they take extremely seriously because they want you to have a safe experience while you're being pampered.

They offer all sorts of manicure and pedicure services, as well as waxing.

Jeannie opted to go with the Exfoliating Walnut Pedicure.

Here are her thoughts:

I arrived a few minutes early. There is a reception type desk right when you walk in, which I really liked. The receptionist was very welcoming and friendly, offering me water or tea and a magazine before I was seated.

The salon is very open and modern, with comfortable living room type chairs and pillows and concrete floors.

Jenny was my technician and she too was friendly. She smiled and engaged me in conversation. She was an expert: very precise and skilled, but QUICK. She did a wonderful job on the pedicure itself.

The walnut exfoliation was also wonderful. The scrub smelled good and the service involved a massage of feet and calves. Hot towels were applied afterwards and then oil was used...the treatment was very relaxing.

The ONLY complaint I have is that more time was spent on the legs than the feet and I would have liked more scrubbing on my heels.

Grade: A. I recommend this place highly.

*Disclosure: Bellacures offered C & G a complimentary service for the purpose of an unbiased, honest review.