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A Day in the Life of Someone Who Keeps a Diary!

8:30 am
I am rudely awakened by 2 furry feline alarm clocks that urgently want to be fed. So I shake the dreams from my hair and empty the contents of a can of tuna. Then I go back to bed…

8:45 am
…except, now I am awake, I can’t get back to sleep. So I officially get up!

9:00 am
I run a napalm-hot bath. Nothing sets you up for the day better than this. Then I gather the most essential cleansing and grooming tools. Lavender foam bath – check. Cleansing lotion – check. Hair-removal cream – check. After the bath I apply the hair-removal cream. This is the best method of hair removal for me. It is cheap and easy to apply. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and the regrowth of the hair takes longer than it does if you shave. The only downside is that after you have applied the cream you have to wait around for 5-10 minutes till the cream takes effect.

11:00 am
Elevenses. Time for a quick cheese sarnie and a frothy coffee! 

11:30 am
I get to work on my face! It is already cleansed so I inspect my eyebrows for signs of any stragglers or eyebrow stubble from the last time I tweezed! I once heard that “eyebrows are like sisters, not twins!” So that would explain why they aren’t totally identical. But mine are more like distant cousins of two entirely different species, they are that asymmetrical! Anyway, I survey the eyebrow terrain for today and I surmise that one looks deflated and one looks surprised! The only way to rectify this lack of symmetry is to make the ‘deflated’ brow look ‘surprised’ also. So I retrieve the tweezers and commence plucking. A steady hand and a focused eye are needed for this procedure. If you are too rough you could end up with unsightly red marks on your skin. You could also pluck the wrong hair out if you’re not entirely focused which makes more work trying to align the rest of the brow-hairs.

Now it’s time to apply moisturizer to my face. I’ve been using moisturizer twice per day since I was 12. I am sure that this is why I still often get asked for ID whenever I purchase alcohol. I am 33!

After I have applied most of my make-up (base, blusher and lipstick) I line my eyes with liquid liner. So much better than an eye-pencil in my opinion due to the fact that I’m not dragging my skin along my eye with the pencil so I can make a heavy mark.

12:30 pm
Work. Meetings about meetings about strategies. Ooh, a squirrel! Then it’s time to go home.

6:30 pm onwards
The rest of my day is spent with the task of even more hair-removal! But not for the purpose of grooming myself or anyone else…it is with the purpose of grooming the carpet! It is summer and my cats are malting. They are shedding an insane amount of fur so I am left with the arduous task of vacuuming the carpet and the curtains. I would leave this till tomorrow but I have a friend coming round who is allergic to cats. If she comes into contact with fur then rubs her eyes, they swell up. So she would immediately know if I haven’t been doing my housework!

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