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Chic & Green is FIVE.

In the summer of 2007,  I decided I missed writing and wanted an outlet for my thoughts, beauty talk, and shopping finds.  What happened, though, was that this little blog changed my life for the better.

When this blog started, I had a two year old and four year old at home with me. I was balancing a skin care business and two babies and had a great deal to still learn about myself.  Of course, I didn't know that at the time. I thought that my skin care business was what I wanted professionally.  Having this blog and my wonderful readership has taught me over the years that what I was meant to do it write about topics I love.

Over the years, I have been so proud to have this blog recognized as a top green beauty blog by many organizations.  This enabled me to launch my freelance beauty writing business. I have loved writing about cosmetics and skin care professionally. Once upon a time, I had a dream (back as a teenager) to be a journalist in Washington, DC. Life took me in another direction and I loved working as a makeup artist and skin care specialist after college. I stopped writing. I never moved to Washington, DC like I once wanted to do.

I believe dreams come true if you love what you do and work hard.

On Friday, I signed a contract to have two beauty pieces published by USA Today in special women's health and lifestyle magazine this fall. My dad worked at USA Today and I remember visiting him at his apartment near the Watergate building. While this isn't the working in Washington dream I had many years ago, it IS doing what I love writing for a major publication based in that city.

I really believe that I owe this chapter in my life to this blog.  It helped me rediscover that love of writing that was lost. It has helped me meet amazing people, form new friendships, and has also helped me to have a career working from home doing things I truly love each and every single day on my own terms.

I owe my wonderful, caring, loyal readers so much thanks. This 5 years has been wonderful and I look forward to many more!

I've had lots of favorite posts over the years.

Some of my favorite moments have involved getting down to the nitty gritty core of things, such as when I decided to close my skin care business in 2009.  I did lots of soul-searching and part of that had to do with a blogging book club I was part of. Some favorite posts from that time: