Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

Help! Zits!

I am actually sharing this post again because a lovely reader, Jenna, asked me for some help with acne skin care. Here it is!


I am usually not a skin care "kit" person, nor do I typically suggest you run out and buy something you may have seen on TV.  This is the exception.  Juice Beauty, a line I adore and have oodles of respect for, has a kit designed for acne-prone skin.

The ingredients, as with all Juice Beauty items, are stellar.  I've never had a Juice Beauty product that wasn't formulated well, and the reviews online of the system are fabulous.

This would be my first choice if I were trying to combat breakouts. What I would recommend is buying the kit, which will cost you $39 (it's billed in two payments of $19.50). After you've determined how well everything works for you, then I'd probably end up purchasing the large sizes on my own to save money.

Other skin care product recommendations for acne:

Aunt Nancy's Lemongrass and Sea Clay Soap -- Lemongrass essential oil is a gentle antiseptic and is beneficial to acne-prone skin. It also helps clear the pores and firm the skin. Sea clay helps to draw out impurities and control the oilies. This also contains rice bran and grapeseed oil, which I recommend for oilier skintypes as well. $6

One Love Organics My New Best Friend Skin Shammy -- Don't waste your money on the overhyped Clarisonic. You don't need it.  I highly recommend the dermatologist-grade microfiber cloth from OLO. It helps to rid the skin of bacteria, excess oil, environmental debris, etc.  $12

Dickinson's 100% Natural Witch Hazel -- While I typically do not recommend skin care products formulated with alcohol, I make an exception for this all-natural witch hazel (which is 14% alcohol). It soothes sunburns, helps sore and irritated skin, and is a wonderfully effective astringent.  A bottle will cost you about $3 and last many months!

Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Maximum Strength Spot Treatment -- This contains a natural form of salicylic acid called white willow bark. It contains 2%, which is ideal for acne. Salicylic acid, unlike alpha hydroxy acids, is oil soluble so it can get into the pores and pull out excess sebum and grime. Please note, it is not recommended that you apply any form of salicylic acid while pregnant. $13