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Thrifty & Fabulous!

Sometimes I am a "bad" blogger and don't post for weeks at a time. Life happens, what can I say? And sometimes life happens so fast that, even with the best of intentions, I will start a little bitty thrifty and fabulous project and before I know it: Oops! I'm done. And I didn't document it with pictures!

Such is the case with today's post.

I was recently browsing the clearance aisles at Michael's craft store when I saw some adorable fabric flowers in bright colors and polka dots. (I don't know if you've heard, but, I love me some bright colors and polka dots!)

Ideas drifted in and out of my head about what I could do with them: Fasten them onto some barrettes for Lulu...? Glue them onto a frame...? Aha! I know! I will make some sassy refrigerator magnets out of them and give them away in sets as small tokens to teachers, my Mom because she just rocks, and so on. Yes! That's what I will do, I thought.
And, yes, that is what I did!

I bought several colors: hot pink, bright blue, black and white and white and black. (Heh.)

(I did manage to take two photos at some point during the process!)

While I was still at Michael's, I found a package of round peel and stick magnets for $1.99 at the check-out. I knew the flowers would need something more adhesive than that though and I had my handy glue gun at home. 

So, a bit of hot glue-gunning later and voila!

(small, round magnet glued to the back of the flower.)

They aren't going to win a crafting contest, but a set of these magnets are a cute, cost effective (for about $12.00 total I made 5 sets of 4 magnets) hostess gift, teacher gift or just because gift. It couldn't be easier!