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my [almost] vegan update

So it has now been a full month since I have been meat and egg free. I am not sure attempting to go Vegan cold turkey was the easiest way to go about things, but I am still in the transition process.


*I have had shredded cheddar on my broccoli salad once.
*I had feta on a salad once.
*I have had some half & half in my coffee when I am not at home to put almond milk in it.
*Twice, I have put romano on my pasta.
*I have NOT "indulged" at my favorite local ice cream shop called Indulge. I miss the Cake Batter ice cream.

Those things out in the open--I have some observations.

*I really feel so healthy and energetic when I consume no dairy at all.
*On days I have even a small amount of dairy, I experience bloating in my belly.
*After a month meatless (and without eggs or seafood), the desire to have any of those things is completely gone.
*I have not worn any foundation in the past 2.5 weeks. Not even tinted moisturizer. Just a sweep of powder with SPF. My skin is that much more clear with this type of eating.

I have to tell you that your emails and Facebook messages with your own Vegan/Vegetarian experiences have been really encouraging. I do not think I could ever go back to eating meat.

Other thoughts:

Smart Bacon tastes awful.  I mean TERRIBLE. Do you know what Beggin' Strips are? The dog treat? I think that Beggin' Strips would taste much closer to bacon than this yucky stuff. It's awful (my opinion...)

On the other hand, Soy Boy Not Dogs (made in Rochester!) are actually pretty good and my kids will even eat them. I would like to try their Vegetarian Franks next time.  My Wegmans was all out of them.

I have been having fun experimenting with Vegan recipes.  I've found success using Bob's Red Mill Textured Vegetable Protein in recipes.  

Yesterday I made the most delicious and moist Vegan bread.  It's Chocolate Banana bread and I found the recipe via  Pinterest. It is DELICIOUS! Try this!

I have some questions for my readers.

If you have changed to a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle, what are some positive changes you have noticed?  Would you ever revert back to your prior way of eating?  Any advice for those of us transitioning to Veganism?