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The {green} apple of my eye


I've long been a fan of the green apple line at Juice Beauty. The one product that I wasn't too keen on because of my sensitive skin was the Green Apple Peel. I was lucky enough to be sent a Green Apple Peel in the Sensitive variety and I have been using this now. It is the PERFECT peel for those of us with sensitive skin without being weak or minimally effective.  It is gentle and truly brightens the complexion.

That is because of the benefits of Green Apple to the skin. Green Apple contains a high amount of a natural fruit acid called Malic Acid.

Malic Acid is a much gentler acid than its cousins Lactic or Glycolic.  It is still effective, though.  It can help to gently fade sun spots, even out uneven skintone, reduce the signs of fine lines, and give a radiant glow to nearly all skin types.

Here are some of my other favorite items with Green Apple.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive -- tried and tested and ADORED by this blogger.

100% Pure Green Apple Hydrating Body Scrub in Green Apple is Gluten Free and All-Natural.

Desert Essence Organics makes a fab green apple shampoo for under $5 at Vitacost!

Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil in Green Apple combines natural botanical oils to soothe baby's skin.

Episcencial Soothing Cream is affordably priced and contains green apple.

Eminence Pear and Green Apple Body Wash smells fresh and amazing for summer.

Such a cute green apple tote from Sephora!