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[coconut oil]

I adore anything coconut. I love the smell, the texture, appearance, and taste.

My favorite variety of coconut, though, is coconut oil!

Why?  Coconut Oil (I like the virgin variety) is a wonderful multi-purpose skin treatment.  I use it on my arms to help alleviate my Keratosis Pilaris (those darned red bumps).  I use it on my children as an all over body moisturizer.  I use it around my cuticles.  I use it on the ends of my hair.  I love, love this oil!

There are many skin benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is rich in something called Lauric Acid.  In fact between 40-50% of coconut oil is actually Lauric Acid.  This is a very promising natural treatment for acne.  Not just for acne, coconut oil works on dry skin and on skin with eczema and flakiness.

Here are my favorite coconut oil products from Etsy:


Buying Guide:

Marie Dean Hair Souffle, $20
Ginger Made Soap, $4
Spa Goddess Body Scrub, $20
Ancient Winds Lip Balm, $8
Bee Silk Naturals Foot Butter, $12
Free Love Facial Wash, $9.50
Deo Dad Deodorant, $ 6