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Sun Smarts

Each year as we head into summer, I talk about sunscreen and the importance of its use. The EWG released their latest sunscreen recommendations and I am happy to see my favorite sunscreens on the list again!

Top 10 Sunscreens of 2012

That said, as much as I admire the work done by the Environmental Working Group when it comes to cosmetics and skin care safety, I get worried when their sunscreen information is released each year because I personally feel it can create unnecessary fear and confusion.

The first time I experienced this feeling was in 2010 when there was a big hoopla about whether sunscreen was safe or not.  Read more here.  I find myself concerned about their new piece called Sunscreens Exposed: Nine Surprising Truths.  This was recently released on their site and I am very worried that when people read it without doing further research that they will have a belief that sunscreen won't help prevent skin care when we know that it, indeed, does.

If you are looking for a good, safer sunscreen the EWG has a great of some wonderful sunscreens.

Click here for the list.

My personal favorites are on this list once more.  Here are my 10 most recommended sunscreens and all make the EWG list (in alphabetical order). ALL of my recommendations, as always, are PARABEN FREE:

Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30+
Badger Unscented SPF 30
California Baby Everyday SPF 30
EcoLogical Sunscreen SPF 30
Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35
Erbaviva Sunscreen SPF 15
Goddess Garden 92% Organic SPF 30
Honest Sunscreen
Jason Natural Earth's Best Organic Sunblock
Jason Natural Sunbrellas

Right now, I am finishing the Badger Unscented. Jason Natural Sunbrellas (easily available at Wegmans) is another staple for my boys. Looking at the ingredients and price per ounce, though, I think that Goddess Garden is actually the best buy.