Au Naturale Eye Essentials Kit

{beauty on a shoestring}

I have never been one to say that you need to spend lots of money on beauty products. In fact, it is something I have wrestled with for years.

Back in the day when I was working full time in the cosmetics industry, I was a star seller. I sold several hundred dollars (thousands during gift with purchase or holidays) in skin care and cosmetics with each and every shift. I always exceeded my goals and could turn a simple cleanser purchase into a 6 item purchase with ease.  That was when I was too young to know any better, quite frankly. I was, in many ways, a robot in terms of memorizing what I was taught at training and how to push that $70 bottle of Fruition Extra (the hot seller at the time; and it was that price all those years ago) to customers. 

Sure I used the high end stuff.  I received it in my gratis. All of the companies gave us products to use.  What was I using on my own skin, though? I'd do kitchen skin care....banana masks, sugar and olive oil scrubs, etc. mixed in with the expensive stuff.

And, do you know what?  It works.  Affordable skin care is truly just as good as the pricy stuff and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

I think that's one reason I sold my own line at such affordable prices (under $20). I wanted to provide a good value for the money--good products and prices which were fair for all of us.

If you want to spend the extra money, then by all means, go for it.  If you are a budget savvy gal or are just trying to cut costs, know that you can spend very little money on your beauty routine and still look great. I have recently gone back to my tried and true super natural routine. I don't like to spend more than I need to and my skin has improved even more since I went even more natural with fewer ingredients.

A friend recently asked me what I was using. You see, I have been selling 100% Pure and was using it all. Then I started going back to my own trial and error with super duper affordable, natural products that are less expensive and my skin has responded really well. I just can't justify spending $19 on a toner or $32 on a lotion when there are options out there that are just as good or better for less. That is not to say 100% Pure isn't great. It is. I will still probably continue to buy a few things even if I am no longer going to be selling it.  I just don't feel right saying that you need to spend that money if there are more affordable options--especially if I am not using the line much anymore myself. That just wouldn't be right.

SO, this is what I am currently using and am super happy with--


  • For facial cleansing, I use the oil cleansing method. You can use a blend of natural oils or just plain extra virgin olive oil. Right now, I am using straight grapeseed oil. It is $4.99 for a 16 ounce bottle at Wegmans! I use this to get my makeup off, then I follow with Aunt Nancy's Carrot & Goat's Milk fragrance free bar ($6).
  •  I love toners, but some of them are ridiculously overpriced. I recommend Witch Hazel Distillate. You can get a large 8 ounce bottle for less than $10 that will last months and months. It is an alcohol and fragrance free product that soothes, cools, and removes last traces of residue from cleansing or environment.
  • I am currently using Reviva Labs Firming Eye Serum. It has DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, and is gentle! It is under $11 and is full of lovely ingredients which rival $75 creams.
  • And I am madly in love with a new to me night cream. It is also $11 and will last me several months. The brand is called Orjene Organics and the product is CoQ10 Olive Vitale Age Recovery Night Treatment.  This is toxin free and contains so many great ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, Olive Squalane, and a host of vitamins! You really need to try this one, ladies (and gents)! It sells for $10.69!
  • For the body, I am also using Aunt Nancy's soap in the shower and I follow with coconut oil to moisturize my arms and legs.
  • My AM moisturizer is my sunscreen. While this is the most expensive skin care product I am using at $15.95, it is definitely the most important! I use Badger Unscented SPF 30 under my makeup. A good SPF is the best anti-aging product there is.
  • I eat lots of berries. There are so many great antioxidants in them and they will help brighten your skin, naturally.